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E-File Federal, Kansas, and Oklahoma

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I have a federal, Kansas and an Oklahoma return to e-file.  The client lives in Oklahoma.  Kansas requires the federal return to be filed with the Kansas return.  If you add the federal return as a pdf attachment which after adding it is than included in E-File forms (KS E-File Info) will you be able to e-file the Kansas return in total?   

Oklahoma requires Kansas Return along with the federal return to be e-filed.  If you ad the Kansas return as a pdf attachment which after adding it shows up as otherstatereturn  included in E-File Forms (OK E-File Info) will you be able to e-file the Oklahoma return in total?

When I mention total above, that means without using some program to shrink the size of the document.

I have never done this before but simply had the client mail in the two State forms with their necessary documents?  

Looking for your early reply!

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I use ProSystem fx and frequently e-file multiple state returns, often with one state requiring a copy of the other state's return or other states' returns &/or a copy of the federal return. I have not filed any Kansas or Oklahoma returns, though. I don't understand your question. Are you getting an e-file diagnostic? Have your read the ATX KnowledgeBase or contacted ATX to ask them how to do what you need to do?

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Caveat - the last I used ATX was for 2011 returns, so some things within the program may have changed as to where info may be found, specifically what the e-file transmission includes.  If you are still using ATX, there used to be a listing of the forms and schedules that are transmitted with each e-filing, and iirc, it had it's own tab within the EF Info form. You might have to create the e-file to see the info. 

Also, any of the quality programs, ATX included, should create an e-file for the states' returns that includes all the required forms and schedules for the states being filed. The exception to that would be to include the NR state as a pdf attached to the resident return if the taxpayer is claiming a credit for taxes paid to other states.  Assuming that OK is the resident return and eligible to claim the credit for taxes paid to Kansas, then it seems to me that the only thing you'd have to do is to attach a copy of the non-res KS return to OK state return. 

So to repeat, create the e-file, check the forms and schedules that are included, attach any out-of-state returns to the resident state where the credit is claimed, and clear any diagnostics for errors or omissions. 

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10 hours ago, Dan said:

I see that a lot have viewed this post but no answers.  Please respond if you have ever did the above and the e-file went through correctly.

The # of views does not represent the # of people viewing it. If I look at a topic 3 separate times, that is 3 views. Then there are the bots and public visiting based on an internet search, neither of which can post answers. At this slower time of year, you'd be lucky to have a few dozen actual member views in this less active subforum of the site.

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