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Paper filed 1099s for 2019 and 2020 not processed yet


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New client mailed (registered) their 2019/2020 1099s by the due date for each year, I called the IRS and was told they have no record of receiving the 2019 and there is a high probability the 2020 have not been processed yet (IRS is backed up….).   I offered to recreate and submit them electronically, what are the chances the IRS would duplicate them once they process the paper files?

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I know of a form 7200 (the supposed quick payment of 941 credits) sent in early Feb was just processed a few days ago...  7200 was supposed to be processed and the money paid out in a matter of weeks, not months.  This goes along with my personal belief never to rely on a form being processed, and with that in mind, if there is ever a credit on a form, always use the refund, never relying on the tax agency to timely or properly apply to a later return.

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