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Collection Division is alive and well

Corduroy Frog

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The collection division at the IRS has not suffered the lack of funding and diversion of priorities which has plagued the rest of the IRS.  Historically, the audit division would propose adjustments, and if the taxpayer ignored repeated notices, then the adjustment would be turned over to the collection division for action.

The general position of the collection division would be that the taxpayer had ample opportunity to address the situation when it was tied up in the audit division, and that the taxpayer would simply have to pay up.  They would not refer the matter back to the audit division.  At least that was their general position.

Things have now changed, it seems like.  Taxpayers ARE responding to notices from the audit division, but the IRS is so bogged down with stimulus priorities, advance child credit priorities, and general lack of funding that they are simply not addressing correspondence or anything else from taxpayers.  But the delay does not stop the collection division from aggressively pursuing money, whether the taxpayer owes it or not.

Can anyone recommend a good strategy to deal with this on behalf of taxpayers who are legitimately trying to get their accounts settled while being beat up by the collection division?

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