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Years ago a switched and the conversion went great.  This year I purchased a practice from an ATX user and no matter what, I can't get the files to convert.  Proseries logged into my computer and spent about 2 hours with me trying and to them everything looks good to go.  Anyone have or discover any issues lately with converting?

Proseries has instructions on line for ATX users to follow to prepare the files for conversion and they were followed to the T.

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I switched to ProSeries Professional this year after being an ATX user for eon's.  For me, converting the data from ATX to ProSeries went very smoothly.  I followed their tutorial and it reacted exactly as it should have.  As far as I can tell, all the data has populated ProSeries appropriately.  

I have a stand alone computer, not a network.  Not sure if that makes a difference but wanted to mention it.  

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues and hope they can be rectified. 

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