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Hi folks,

I got a voucher from Ruby Receptionists for call answering services, based on a class action from a number of years ago. I was always very happy with the Ruby service, but as my business grew and I hired more help, having an answering service was no longer necessary. Therefore, this voucher is 100% useless to me.

If anyone uses Ruby and is interested in this voucher, please let me know! It's worth a bit under $100 and I can give all details to whoever is interested.  Not interested in making money for it; mainly that it get used by someone, rather than just wasted.


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I go back and forth about getting an answering service.  I'm a small office.  Sometimes the phone rings like crazy (April 12-15!) and sometimes I listen to the crickets.  I have a secretary/assistant 1 to 2 days a week thru Dec.  Not sure if an answering service would be helpful or not.  

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I just use an answering machine, especially since the majority of the calls I receive are either robocalls or scams.

Most of my clients are used to my preference of using email.

Of course at my age I am not trying to grow my practice.

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"Cyberattack knocks Ruby Receptionists offline, disrupting service for thousands."

"Ruby said the cyberattack hit its service provider, Opus Interactive, Sunday evening.

Because Opus did not provide a timetable for restoring its services, Ruby said Wednesday it has rebuilt its systems on Amazon Web Services’ network."

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