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remember back in May, when the debt collector contacted ME?


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Back in May an IRS third-party debt collector contacted me for a debt owed by a former client. Well, I got another letter from them.

They ignored the response I'd sent back in May, telling them it wasn't me and not to contact me again. They did have it on record that I'd sent them "something" - but the notation was from about a week ago. So right now we know that this particular company certainly got the contract based on criteria other than competence. You may imagine to your own heart's content what that might be.

Finally got through to someone vaguely competent on the phone. This was for a partnership return, and the IRS told me over a year ago that my POA on file was no longer valid because the TMP who signed it had died. However, that same IRS told the debt collectors that my POA was valid, and they are required to contact the POA instead of the deadbeat if there is a POA on file. So I had to dredge up the signed POA and fax that in to Memphis with "WITHDRAWN" on it, and hope that Memphis CAF actually processes that withdrawal instead of discarding it as applying to a POA that is invalid.

I swear if these people were competent they'd be dangerous. They sure cause enough trouble with their incompetence. But that's where it stands - I have to get the IRS to withdraw my POA that they told me was invalid but told their debt collectors was active. All of this may hinge on someone at the Memphis CAF Unit having a clue.  God help me.

Hi. I was away for a week and had a lovely time and came back to this *&^$%$ mess. Welcome home?

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IRS just cancelled an assessment against me that also when to collection - From 2014!  8 years of letters.

You can just tell the collection agency in writing that you want to deal directly with the IRS on the issue and they are required to send it back to them and cancel their contact with you. 

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