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Where to enter payment made BEFORE e-filing?

Lion EA

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Late filing 2021 client owed a lot but wanted to wait to e-file, so paid about $35,000 to IRS and $4,000 to state using IRS DirectPay and state equivalent after Thanksgiving sometime but is e-filing today, probably.

Where do I, or do I, enter those amounts on the 2021 return?

They're obviously neither an extension payment nor an estimated payment for 2021. Do I leave their balance due showing those amounts and leave it to the IRS/state computers to match their balance due with their December-ish payments? Or, do I enter them someplace and leave it to the computers to match their payments?

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Good to know. Thank you.

This is also one of those cases where the wife is taxpayer and the husband is spouse. The wife does handle the finances, and she DID make the payments in her SSN as instructed by me. So hopefully all goes well with the ancient IRS computers.

(Found out when working on their return in the fall that they hadn't made ES payments. But not a return you want to paper file with part-year overseas after 7 years overseas, part-year state, couple of college coeds, husband's mother passed away leaving IRA distributions and investments to husband, self-employment, other investments, state with different rules for part-year, etc. I'm not allowing some IRS/state data entry clerk to put this return in the computers after I've carefully proofread it, not risking something entered on wrong line changing the returns!)


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