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20 hours ago, BTS said:

RitaB !!!  Dont give clients your cell number !!!   🤣   We have clients always asking for our cell numbers.  But lordy, if we did we would get bombarded with texts and calls.  Especially the pain in the arse ones.  We just kindly tell them, "sorry our cell numbers are for friends and family only", please use the office phone or email any questions.

I use my cell phone to text clients because it's convenient for ME.  I also like getting answers in writing and send text messages to my email for documentation purposes.  (No, most of my clients do not use email effectively.)  I know to ignore all, and I do mean all, client calls to my cell phone, my greeting says hang up and call the office.  I also know not to respond to text messages I get beyond office hours.  I have saved many, many hours by NOT talking to clients.  Thank you for the advice, but I can tell you, I do what works for ME. 

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4 minutes ago, RitaB said:

... I have saved many, many hours by NOT talking to clients.  

* by NOT talking to clients on the telephone.  When they drop off, I talk to them as much as I need to.  I have learned not to believe them when they say, "It's all there."  I go thru the paperwork at drop off and that also saves time.  For example, "I need the Bursar's statement, please."

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