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Our very own Catherine to teach at NY/CT-ATP

Lion EA

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Don't know how to keep formatting. If you want the original color flyer, including a picture of Catherine, send me your email so I can forward the Constant Contact announcement.

September Super Session - 4 CEs

Tax Topics that Everyone Should Hear about!

Date: September 20, 2023 @ 3:30 pm - 8:30 pm


·     Entity Selection and Tax Consequences

·     Schedule C Refresher & Overview

·     Minefields & Disasters – How to Navigate & Mitigate

·     A Case Study

Speaker: Catherine White, EA

Education Committee Contact/Point Person:

Bo Demczar - bodemczar@gmail.com

Meeting Schedule:

2:45 – 3:45 Board Meeting & Committee Meetings & Committee Meetings

3:30 – Registration

4:00 – First Session

5:40 – Business Meeting

6:00 – Buffet Dinner

6:50 – Second Session

8:30 – Close

Members (Timely): $95.00  Non-Members & Late Members: $125.00

Timely is by midnight the Friday before the meeting!

All payments are cleared through PayPal

but you do not have to have a PayPal account, just a credit card.

Tickets on sale NOW

Timely Deadline: 09/15/2023

REGISTER HERE: https://www.nyctatp.org/event/september-super-session/


Friday 20 October – October Seminar

Kathy Morgan

Residential Rental Real Estate

- Basis Issues

- Depreciation

- Recapture

- From Purchase through Sale


- Due Diligence: It’s not just for EITC anymore


Thursday 30 November & Friday 1 December –

Annual Tax Update Seminar

Ryan Reichert? Brass Tax Presentations

Federal Tax Update

Additional Federal Tax Topics

- Crypto Currency & Advanced Brokerage Statements

- Energy Credits - Packing a Powerful Punch

- Tax Implication of Family Drama

- Tax Stuff You Thought You Knew

NY Tax Update

CT Tax Update


Wednesday 10 January 2024

Last Chance Tax Update

Kathryn Keane

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That's the one thing I remember you all saying after the picnic at Rita's that I had to miss -- that Catherine's short. Well, our room has dinner tables arranged all around a dance floor, so none of us should have our view of Catherine blocked.

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Yes! I've described you as short, but a redhead !!

Seriously, folks, our dinner meetings are at Anthony's Lake Club in Danbury, CT, very, very close to I84. If you're in CT, MA, NY, PA, NJ, or RI, it's an easy drive, because you'll arrive before rush hour and leave after. If you need 4 CEs and enjoy live education and networking with other tax preparers, or just need to vent to people who understand, we're a rowdy group who welcomes nonmembers and provides really, really good speakers. 4 CEs for the price of about 3.



Also, check out our 1-day October Seminar and 2-day Annual Tax Update Seminar.

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