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Chrome update needed

Lee B

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My Chrome updated, but it's not acting the same. I have 6 tabs to open when I open Chrome. They're still listed when I go to the dots on the right and then the lines on the left and down to On Open or On Start-up or whatever. However, each time I open Chrome it's blank with just a new tab. It doesn't even open in the same place on my monitor that it used to (left half of a horizontal monitor) but that's not as annoying as my six tabs being listed but not opening. Anyone else? Any of you more computer-proficient people have any ideas for me?

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I use it infrequently and mine said it was UTD with v 16.0.5845.188 this morning, and when I clicked "help" and "about" it started the updater and is now at v 117.0.5938.89.

I wonder if this is one of those times when multiple updates will be issued as additional weaknesses are identified, or if the corrections caused problems for enough users to be immediately addressed.

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