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  1. IRS E Services web site

    The site is so clumsy and poorly written.. I finally can get in .. tried to get a transcript.. some worthless error message come up.. CAF check failure I did it four times, making sure my CAF was entered correctly. even choosing the transcript/info requested is written it looks like to be confusing has anyone navigated this site and can talk me through maybe. thank you.
  2. Poorly written scam tax emails

    well since I was commenting on how terribly written it was I meant to say terribly written, not terrible written.. can posts be edited here? I did not see an edit button.. thank you.
  3. Poorly written scam tax emails

    I think they are getting my email from PTIN sources.. this one came in this morning.. terrible written as far as scam emails go Good morning, Attaching my last year return of my Tax. can you please suggest if paying up might benefit. Could you still help us file our taxes? Please advise. Mellisa Schranner, websterherald
  4. I like this board even though I no longer use ATX.. I never trusted the software.. I know as a tax prep we have to know the laws and how the numbers flow but even basic things like carrying figures over properly with ATX I did not trust.. I have been using ProSeries for many years and like the program. I don't like some of the commentators at their board who can be rude who treat people asking questions nastily sometimes so I am more apt to post here.
  5. Start of tax season

    I have about maybe 20 business returns done, subject to my software allowing printing and efiling.
  6. Start of tax season

    Every year I go through this and every year I tell myself it is too early. Meaning. here it is January 13 and I am wondering where my returning clients are, calling me, emailing me... Every year I start to get concerned but every year it gets busy and busy fast.. I did about 1040s last year, in addition to my business and payroll accounts.. But every year I wonder what is wrong.. Now for tax year 2018 it may indeed be different
  7. Multiple years 1040s

    cannot efile as of today.. i prepared four years 1040s for a client. are these ok to mail in one big envelope or should they be mailed separate? thank you
  8. IRS E Services web site

    is the information instant on these transcripts.. i mean can you see them right at that time when you are using the site?
  9. IRS E Services web site

    what do you use that site for. I file about 800 returns a year and never use that site, except to verify my EFIN.
  10. IRS E Services web site

    To make it worse, when calling, call gets cut off.. too busy to take call.. classic
  11. IRS E Services web site

    Does this site ever work right.. every year I try and log in and every year it never works right
  12. MyTAXPrepOffice - anyone use this?

    I had an email from there, or saw a link somewhere.. anyway. went to their site. was not going to switch to them but just curious about tax software in general... looked around less than a minute I think.. moved on.. out of the blue the next day or so I had a phone call from them seeing they saw me at their site? kind of surprising to me to get a phone call like that.
  13. 20% Pass Thru Deduction

    regarding the application of this to certain personal services.. the reply was truncated... correct me if i am wrong but i think The deduction would also be disallowed for specified service trades or businesses with income above a threshold. if accounting/tax practice grosses 250,000 this cut should but ok right?
  14. I keep hearing how the proposed tax law will have immediate write off of equipment.. Isn't that already there with Section 179 though? I know Section 179 has limitations and parameters but every news story that I read always says businesses under current law have to take the deduction over a number of years but that is not true with Section 179. What about vehicles under new law?
  15. 1099s/1096