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  1. Pass Through Again - Income Limitation After SEP?

    Engineers and Architects were specifically excluded from this limitation, very similar to the DPAD.
  2. State Estimates - can't create efile

    If you are referring to 2018 estimated payments, I believe several users have said they are printing the 2018 estimated payments coupons and then deleting them from the return so that they can efile.
  3. More Oversight Again ?

    Ah, what's that sound in the distance ? Oh, it's the black helicopters.
  4. 3115 at the sale of rental property?

    If you discover allowable depreciation that was never deducted then a 3115 is the right solution.
  5. More Oversight Again ?

    I don't want delve into politics, but the additional documentation requirements were imposed by Congress not the IRS.
  6. More Oversight Again ?

    Copied from Accounting Today: "The Trump administration’s fiscal year 2019 budget proposal includes increasing oversight of paid tax preparers along with more authority for the Internal Revenue Service. The budget proposes $11.1 billion in base funding for the IRS, including $2.3 billion for running key tax filing and compliance IT applications and $110 million for IT modernization efforts. The budget also requests additional funds for new and continuing investments to expand and strengthen the enforcement of the tax laws. “Taxpayers are increasingly turning to paid tax return preparers to assist them in meeting their tax filing obligations,” said the budget document. “Ensuring that these preparers understand the tax code would help taxpayers get higher quality service and prevent unscrupulous tax preparers from exploiting the system and vulnerable taxpayers"
  7. They say they are still waiting on the IRS.
  8. ATX Form 4562

    ATXWendi reposted this this morning: "You may want to call into customer support to have them address this issue. The section 179 limits have been dropped from Fixed Assets. If you are comfortable, this KB link from last year gives the steps to correct the issue (substitute 2017 in place of 2016), but it involves deleting program files so they can be re-downloaded. These are the steps customer service will do for you if you call in. https://support.cch.com/sfs/solution/000057508 Alternatively, you can type in the limits, but they will then be treated as overrides and may not update if we have to issue updates (which happens as the states legislate in the spring). The limits are in Fixed Assets, Asset Global Settings for federal and then click on the State Calcs tab for the state data" Apparently update 17.3 did not fix all of the Form 4562 problems !
  9. Program Closing

    Try turning off your firewall and security programs to see if it makes a difference. If it helps, then exclude all ATX Files from the scrutiny of your firewall and your security programs.
  10. Program Closing

    That's been a recurring problem for some users for the last 2 or 3 years. Basically due to sloppy programming, the ATX program fills up your print cache with garbage. When your print cache overflows, the program crashes. By rebooting your computer your print cache is cleared allowing the program to work again. If you know how, you can clear your print cache without rebooting.
  11. Commute or Not

    I do remember reading a Tax Court Case where the employee was required by his employer to keep parts and supplies in his garage so that his first customer service call did not require him to go to the employer's shop. In this case the taxpayer prevailed and it was not commuting, so make sure you ask questions and make sure you have all the facts.
  12. States who Itemize - 2018

    Oregon is very similar to Delaware except that it does increase the standard deduction, although it is still very low. I often do Oregon returns for the high school children of clients who didn't make enough to file a federal return.
  13. Equifax back in the news

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Equifax is still in a CYA mode: "However, Atlanta-based Equifax Inc. recently disclosed in a document submitted to the Senate Banking Committee, that a forensic investigation found criminals accessed other information from company records. According to the document, provided to The Associated Press by Sen. Elizabeth Warren's office, that included tax identification numbers, email addresses and phone numbers. Finer details, such as the expiration dates for credit cards or issuing states for driver's licenses, were also included in the list.
  14. Tax Extenders

    The House passed the bill 4 hours ago and the bill was signed into law about an hour ago.
  15. Tax Extenders

    It turns out the Tax Extenders Bill was attached to the to the Budget Bill currently in front of the Senate without mention or discussion! Film at 11