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  1. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    I wish that I could get away without appointments for drop-off. I do have more that are willing to do drop-off, which I love. I still have too many people that insist on going over every little thing. I am going to use my husband much sooner this tax season for pick-ups. He saves me a bunch of time and most of them love to chat with him about his garden and stuff.
  2. NT: Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    I have a lot of clients that will be much worse off if this passes as it is. The medical deduction is huge for many of my clients. Student loan interest deduction is useful for a lot of my younger clients that are paying off their student loans. I have a few C Corps that will have to pay higher taxes as they are normally in the 15% bracket. I will have to look at S Corps, but they are very old businesses with a lot of retained earnings and one uses an HRA for himself, that may not work as an S Corp. I have to check the new rules on home equity interest, because I just had an elderly client have to take out a $35K home equity loan when her basement began to cave in, due to poor construction years ago. The builder took bankruptcy due to most of the subdivision having these issues. Will this kill self-employed health insurance deductions and/or HRAs? I am really feeling older than I am these days. I expect that I will have to keep this up until I'm 70, before I can go work somewhere less stressful.
  4. 2018 PTIN

    You can change your email under "change login information".
  5. 2018 PTIN

    Sara, I did manage to change my email to a new one that I will only use for PTIN. It was not as straight forward as I expected. I don't remember exactly how I did it, but it was not under manage profile. It was in some place that we set up at the very beginning with PTIN. I know that it worked, because I received emails from PTIN already. I'm sorry that I am not more helpful, but I'm buried trying to get caught up for my husband's three dr appointments this week and my mother's surgery
  6. Minimal Depreciation

    This happened here over the summer. Some stoned guy without a shirt, stole a tractor and drove it to town. He was asking people for sandwiches in the Walmart parking lot. Report: Shirtless tractor driver yells for sandwiches Man's driver's license had been suspended
  7. ATX Website Board Problems

    I am not able to see anything on the atx community page. I followed the link when I logged in, but it's blank. They must be working on it still. I was using Chrome.
  8. The Tax Book forum & Malwarebytes

    Judy, I am not having any problems with MWB and the TaxBook forum.
  9. Equifax, freezing credit and E-Services

    I went to a tax school last week and one of the speakers said that freezing our credit would make it impossible to be use E-Services or some other IRS online activities, like Direct Payment. I have not used Direct Payment, but I have had clients that do, I definitely need to use E-Services. This was the first that I had heard this. She was an IRS RO for 30 years, but I'm not sure if she is correct. Has anyone else heard this? I am not excited about freezing everyone's credit in the family, but almost all of us were in the lucky 143 million.
  10. Mad Rush - Electronic Banking

    I will not make the payments for my clients. I efile their payroll or sales tax returns and my client's then have to make an ACH payment if required. I don't want anything to do with their bank accounts.
  11. Update CCleaner Now !

    I just uninstalled the program. I had the 64 bit version and the hack was a different version of the 32 bit. Maybe it was overkill, but I am sick of all of this stuff.
  12. Equifax Hack and Tax Season

    I am looking forward to the mad rush of everyone wanting to file ASAP, because we've all been told to beat the hackers. I may very well lose business, because I just can't work that fast. I definitely can't get the larger returns out of here.
  13. Really? They took away Sec 179 calcs? Really?

    What version of ATX are you using? I am using TTO and I did not receive a message when I used Sec. 179. It figured the 4562 with it for an 1120.
  14. Equifax Hack

    I already signed my family up on their website. It looks like three of us may have had our info leaked. Two of them came up that Equifax did not think that their info was involved. If they can't stop this stuff, I don't know how the heck I will be able to keep my computer safe without taking it completely off the Internet.
  15. BOY.!..Did I save a bundle...

    We went out back and saw the 98% occlusion. It was pretty cool, as was the temperature for a short while. I'm so glad that the high clouds didn't obstruct it.