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  1. Minimal Depreciation

    This happened here over the summer. Some stoned guy without a shirt, stole a tractor and drove it to town. He was asking people for sandwiches in the Walmart parking lot. Report: Shirtless tractor driver yells for sandwiches Man's driver's license had been suspended
  2. ATX Website Board Problems

    I am not able to see anything on the atx community page. I followed the link when I logged in, but it's blank. They must be working on it still. I was using Chrome.
  3. The Tax Book forum & Malwarebytes

    Judy, I am not having any problems with MWB and the TaxBook forum.
  4. Equifax, freezing credit and E-Services

    I went to a tax school last week and one of the speakers said that freezing our credit would make it impossible to be use E-Services or some other IRS online activities, like Direct Payment. I have not used Direct Payment, but I have had clients that do, I definitely need to use E-Services. This was the first that I had heard this. She was an IRS RO for 30 years, but I'm not sure if she is correct. Has anyone else heard this? I am not excited about freezing everyone's credit in the family, but almost all of us were in the lucky 143 million.
  5. Mad Rush - Electronic Banking

    I will not make the payments for my clients. I efile their payroll or sales tax returns and my client's then have to make an ACH payment if required. I don't want anything to do with their bank accounts.
  6. Update CCleaner Now !

    I just uninstalled the program. I had the 64 bit version and the hack was a different version of the 32 bit. Maybe it was overkill, but I am sick of all of this stuff.
  7. Equifax Hack and Tax Season

    I am looking forward to the mad rush of everyone wanting to file ASAP, because we've all been told to beat the hackers. I may very well lose business, because I just can't work that fast. I definitely can't get the larger returns out of here.
  8. Really? They took away Sec 179 calcs? Really?

    What version of ATX are you using? I am using TTO and I did not receive a message when I used Sec. 179. It figured the 4562 with it for an 1120.
  9. Equifax Hack

    I already signed my family up on their website. It looks like three of us may have had our info leaked. Two of them came up that Equifax did not think that their info was involved. If they can't stop this stuff, I don't know how the heck I will be able to keep my computer safe without taking it completely off the Internet.
  10. BOY.!..Did I save a bundle...

    We went out back and saw the 98% occlusion. It was pretty cool, as was the temperature for a short while. I'm so glad that the high clouds didn't obstruct it.
  11. Access to a motel reservation for Aug. 21, 2017 Knoxville, TN

    We have our glasses and the state is inundated with people. My son was lucky enough to get a jumpseat to get back here Thursday, because the flights were oversold. I just hope that a lot of the visitors aren't disappointed, because they are calling for cloudy weather. My husband wants to drive to Lincoln tomorrow, but I really have to work and they are saying that the roads will be a mess. If it's decent, we are supposed to be in 98% and that will have to be enough for my lifetime.
  12. A week from today - Next Monday - 8/21

    We are supposed to be in the 96-98% zone. We will just stay here to watch, because it will be a nightmare of traffic to get to the closest place for 100%. I just hope that my eclipse glasses get here in the mail.
  13. Hello?

    I'm here! I would love to be taking CPE, but I'm stuck with payroll taxes, extensions, clients that only file every three years or so, and answering IRS and state letters. This is my worst summer ever for being behind, because I have too much on my personal and work stuff going on. I don't know how people can get letters from the IRS and state and not give them to me or their attorneys for months.
  14. Political Discussion

    I really wish that it applied to Facebook, Twitter, etc. I do everything in my power to not post anything that could be remotely construed as political, but I have just about had it with some friends and relatives.
  15. Live webinars and PRIMA peer review website

    I have taken some of the one's from CPA Academy. I have learned something from most and the price is right. Some of them are definitely for sales, but they leave me alone if I'm not interested.