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  1. Tax Star of the Week for 2/16 - 2/23/18

    Mine is not wacky, just annoying to me. HOH with a full time job that pays around$ 88K and also earns $40K through direct sales. One of her friends sells the same stuff with probably $200K in sales and a couple of other self employed businesses. He says that he and his wife don't pay any taxes, because they write off everything. She wanted to know what I was missing. I explained that we are using every legit write-off possible and that I have been for years and that next year there will be a new business deduction that will help decrease income tax only. I told her that if were legal to write EVERYTHING off, that I'm pretty sure that no one would pay any taxes. I hope that he was just blowing smoke up her rear or that he gets caught some day. She is pretty sure that he prepares his own taxes. Go figure!
  2. Early results from tax planner for 18

    I don't even know how to begin to adjust the withholding. I am just guessing at how much they will cut. I am not going to do w4s for everyone right now.
  3. Early results from tax planner for 18

    I already had a call from a client that had her net pay go up $100 and she is paid bi-weekly. She would owe so much money when she files. I told her to file a new W-4 and tried to figure out how much additional tax should be taken out from each paycheck. This just frosts me! I already have trouble getting my work done in a timely manner, so trying to help everyone with these extra computations and being ragged at makes me want to send Rita to Washington to hug all of them. I know that my small business owners will probably end up happier, but a lot of my elderly clients and middle class families are going to be big losers.
  4. HP Printers

    I have an old LaserJet 4200 and I love it. The toner is expensive, but I've found that the original toner works the best with this one. I wish that I had known about the duplexer when I bought it years ago. It's been a huge paper savings the last few years.
  5. Back to back IRS audit

    That's why they are still auditing. Apparently, the IRS is still collecting new tax each year.
  6. College kids and free file - new source of revenue

    I know that the schools here are remiss about common sense stuff that I learned. We had to fill out a short form by hand in personal finance many, many moons ago. We pretended to get married and set a budget, go to the store and price items. My "hubbie" and I almost got divorced in class, because I wanted a piano since I was going to have to leave mine at my Mom's. We learned how to balance checkbooks. I have run across very few young adults that know how to do much in the way of life skills, but they can use charge cards very well. One of my son's friends moved to Europe to try to escape his student loans. He borrowed and went on vacations with them. I'm embarrassed to admit that my son can fly a jet with dozens of people, but had no idea how to figure out how much postage to put on an envelope. I showed him how to use a scale and look it up. We tried to teach him common sense, but only part of it stuck. He is an amazing cook, just like his dad. It amazes me how many parents are still bringing in their 30 something's tax returns with theirs.
  7. Transmitted to EFC

    All of my 1099 ACKS are back now.

    Thanks for the updates. I had to spend time today at my Mom's so I immediately update my premium MBAM before doing anything else.
  9. 0 Tax Returns Completed Thus Far

    I'm still doing payroll taxes and 1099's. I only have two individuals in house. I never get this worried this early. People are already making their appointments and I have received three calls today and one yesterday for client's that have dementia and other issues. I expected that this would be a difficult tax season with everybody wanting updates for 2018, but it looks like I may need to do a lot more work to pull together the information for some elderly clients. I don't even know how to help the gentleman that called today asking me if he paid his property taxes to me and to make sure that he didn't have to pay income taxes anymore. He has easily over $150K in income. His wife is in a nursing home already and I am so sad that he is on his own and I don't even know who to call. I obviously don't have the authority to call anyone. I may just have to go to his house in February and look for everything that he will need to give me.
  10. Poorly written scam tax emails

    This crap is another reason that I won't take clients from the Internet and if something comes from a client that I don't expect, I call them or email them before I open it. I don't trust much online anymore. The email that I used for PTIN before I opted out, is not one that my clients have.
  11. Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin

    I grew up in a small Iowa town and we really looked forward to going to Omaha to the redemption store for S & H green stamps. We (kids) thought that it was a long drive, but now it's a bedroom community for Omaha.
  12. Efiling 1099s thru ATX

    Payroll Compliance ReportingIncluding federal, state and local payroll formsE-file 94x series, 1099s, 1098s, W-2s and more for $1.50 per TIN This is what it shows on their website under Total Tax Office. My rep didn't warn me about this when I renewed. I hope that TIN means employer number.
  13. Sure is

    Judy, That is very good advice. I will pass it to him. I know that he will take Lasix and heart meds twice a day. I do worry, because the vet that he is going to has a tv show on Animal Planet and is very busy. We have had a cat with CHF that we nursed along until he was 20 and one with kidney disease that made it to 21. If Hobbes has to move here to have constant care, I will need to check with our vet to make sure that our three rambunctious boys won't make him worse. If he has to come stay with us, at least that might push them to move back here sooner. Bonnie
  14. IRS Fraud Cases (interesting Read)

    This kind of stuff amazes me. I don't know how people think that they can or should get by with this stuff. I would never be able to sleep if I had knowingly done anything like that.
  15. Sure is

    A new update on Hobbes-I was afraid to say anything. but Andrew took him to another vet Tuesday before he making a final decision and we are glad that he did. The vet said that he would try to save him by getting the fluid out of his lungs and trying some different heart medication. He improved some by yesterday and today he is eating a lot and they took him off of all oxygen. He won't live to a ripe, old age and maybe even just a few years, but it's something. He will need pills twice a day, so he will have to decide how to make sure that Hobbes is taken care of while he is flying. I just hope for him to have a happy life, since the first year that he lived on the streets was terrible. A lot of family and friends were praying and maybe it helped some. I am relieved and just hope for no more emergencies for awhile. Thanks, Bonnie