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  1. I pay $396.00 for 1M coverage thru Hiscox as well. Never had a claim in 24 years either but as others have said, can't be without it.
  2. The worksheet you speak of is used to determine if the taxpayer is due any additional impact payments based on what he/she has already received. I do have a few clients that never received their stimulus payments. This worksheet is used to obtain the payment they should have received but didn't
  3. Those of us who have been in this business for a while should very well know the IRS will never call you to check on anything or verify anything. As soon as I would get this call, all the red flags would immediately soar.
  4. For those Drake users, the organizers are a breeze. There is also an option to create fillable pdf's. This is the first year using the Drake portals to send and retrieve the organizers. I feel confident that as long as the client's understand how to use the portal, which most do, getting them back will hopefully be trouble free.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up. I will get it installed later this afternoon.
  6. Update: I have been using zoom as a teacher since last spring. I did speak with a zoom rep today and asked about the security or encryption for both video and audio. They stated they are very secure with both items and each it encrypted. My concern was using the screen share and who could hack into it. I have also used Webex. Webex, does have some glitches. When I use Webex on one of my machines which is a Win10 Pro with all of the latest updates, Webex knocks out the audio and all of the audio settings get changed and I have to reset them. So, I'm now thinking that zoom maybe the better
  7. Okay, I love the discussion on this. To address what Catherine has said, yes I reviewed the conversions from the IRS with the client via telephone. I offered a brief written summary as JohnH suggested. The client said there was no need. After an hour or so had gone by, the client then asked for not only the summary but wanted me to add to the summary that I ask their tax preparer advised them to ignore communications from the IRS regarding this case. That I never did and only repeated what the IRS agent stated. That is what has raised the suspicion on my part. Also, that gave me the rear tire
  8. No not at all. That is what I am trying to avoid. The only thing I plan on giving is the opportunity to seek help from someone else. I know I've done nothing wrong at all but I don't need them making something out of nothing. Never put anything in writing that could even remotely put a rope around your neck.
  9. I agree with both Catherine and cdslee. Those were my exact feelings, that either they don't trust me or they want to toss me under the bus when things go south.
  10. Because of the tone of the text message and what they may be implying, I considered contacting my E & O insurance as to how they would suggest I handle it. I did the 1040X pro-bono cause I took the blame for leaving the dependent off of the original return due to lack of information. I have not charged anything to handle this at all. Firing them is something that is already in the forefront of my mind.
  11. I am looking at using either zoom or webex to meet with clients this upcoming tax season. I'm not sure which software provides the best level of security. Any suggestions? I know Zoom was full of holes at the onset but has now tightened things up quite a bit. Still would like to know what others say.
  12. I filed (by snail mail) an amended 2019 1040X for a client in April. An error with the 500.00 other deduction was found. Amending the return changed from a balance due to a refund. No much money but that's not the point. My client received a bill from the IRS for the tax due from the original filing. Once the amendment is processed, the tax due plus penalties will disappear. Normally, I would have told any client to pay the tax due to avoid penalties and interest and wait for the amendment to process for the return. This client did not want to pay so here we are. I contacted the IRS in August
  13. I have used Reimage for the last two years. Some will say that reimage is a virus. It is a legitimate program and I have had good success with it.
  14. I got to go with Danrvan on this. If the deposit was made to the decedent's account then reversed, how does the estate get to make a claim for the refund and I also agree with the scenario he gives. So, if the withholding is returned in 2019 it would be income and federal w/h of the same amount. That gives you the right to file a 2019 tax return for the decedent which the decedent's representative could claim the refund.
  15. Wouldn't this trigger a dispute on the client's part? If so, I think the bank would investigate the charges to see if they are indeed legitimate. I would recommend the client go to the top in the bank and then maybe contact an attorney to possibly pursue this further. The statement it is too late from the bank is disturbing. I agree with Gail, I would want to know what the definition of too late is exactly. Did they see the statement on line and immediately call or did they receive it in the mail and then immediately call. Either way, too late doesn't cut it.
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