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    Riding my Honda Helix when tax season is over.
  1. bigdadder

    2010 Program Update-Problem?

    Mine updates fine also. Just updated a few minutes ago. Bigdadder
  2. bigdadder

    NT Update on Cataract Surgery

    I'm having my eye done next Wed. Thanks for the good words. Bigdadder
  3. bigdadder

    Refund is late

    I have 4 that are late by 2 weeks. They all have an energy credit on them. I hope they soon get this cleared up. Bigdadder
  4. bigdadder

    Family trust first ime homebuyer

    The trust was set up in 1988 by grandfather who owned an elecrical contracting business. All paper work shows purchase from the trust signed by trustees.
  5. bigdadder

    Family trust first ime homebuyer

    The son of a family trust member purchased a home from the business trust. Does the trust take on the role of a related person? Or would you file for the $8000 credit. Thanks for your thoughts. Bigdadder
  6. bigdadder

    A quick request....

    What a wonderful prayer for Barbara. And also for the rest of us. Thanks for the beautifully worded prayer. You couldn't express what you did without being one of God's own children. God bless you rfassett. Bigdadder
  7. bigdadder


    Same thing happening in PA. Bigdadder
  8. bigdadder

    !099-R CODE 1

    If you fill in (2a) the taxable amount it should generate 5329 and generate the penalty. I had the same situation last evening. Bigdadder
  9. bigdadder

    Making Work Pay news article

    I would be happy to make that trade-off too, KC. Bigdadder
  10. bigdadder

    Engagement Letter

    Thanks JRS. I kept bringing up the first organizer. I appreciate your help. Bigdadder
  11. bigdadder

    Engagement Letter

    Does anyone know where to fine the engagement letter in the MAX program? It was found in the organizer last year but is not there this year. After modifying, it was useful last year. Bigdadder
  12. bigdadder

    Dual Monitors

    For a dual monitor setup check out the program Ultramon for individual monitor personalization. Will allow you to run different applications, set up different desktops, etc.
  13. bigdadder


    Sorry we missed you OLDJACK. Hope you had a great day and will be blessed with many more. Bigdadder
  14. bigdadder

    I love my clients...

    It feels great to be appreciated. I have quite a few clients that when it comes time to bill them I just tell them to give me what they want. They've always given me more than I would have charged them. But then we have the other side of the spectrum---The ones who demand a lot of time and bulk at giving you a fair amount.
  15. bigdadder

    I'm So Lonely.......................

    It was absolutely the best tax year I've ever had. The program worked very well. E-file was great. My clients were very appreciative and generally we enjoyed working with each other. My computer worked well and I made a little more money. So with all that finished--I should be lonely but my Honda Helix greeted me warmly and yesterday I took a nice long ride and enjoyed God's creation. Bigdadder