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  1. We use Practice Management 2011 by Office Tools Pro. They are on the web at http://www.officetoolspro.com and http://www.facebook.com/officetoolspro. The software has data entry tabs for Contacts, Notes, To-Do's, Calls, Schedule, Projects, Time, Billing and Documents. The software installation consists of installing server software on a machine that will act as the server (ours is a computer running SBS 2011 Essentials which is only available in a 64 bit versioon) and workstation software. The server software is a SQL 2005 Express installation that hosts a SQL database for your data and sample data base for getting to know the sofware/ The workstation software is a .Net client that runs on 32 or 64 Bit XP, Vista and Windows 7. They also have utilities for syncronising data with Outlook, QuickBooks and Lacert (we only use the Outlook one) as well as an Excel importer and a special DropFolder.net portal. With the portal which we do not use as we have a portal as part of our CPA Site Solutions web site at www.godelcpa.com (we also have www.godel.com which is not hosted by CPA Site Solutions) you can store documents in Practive Management document records in the cloud for clients to access and they can send you documents which will be stored in the client folders setup with document records in Practice Management. There are two levels of subscription for the portal a Lite level that provides only file transfers and a regular level that provides all of the features including branding on the portal web pages. Both levels are priced based on the number of gigabytes available for storage in the package you select with a per gigabyte per month fee for overages. If you get an Office Tools Pro merchant account (we have an Intuit one) you can send invoices to the DropFolder.net portal if you don't have the lite subscription level which allows clients to pay on-line and the payments sync back to Practive Mangement.
  2. From http://www.fairtax.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=27321.0 We are thrilled to anounce that for the first time, the Committee on Ways and Means will hold a full hearing on the FairTax legislation on Tuesday, July 26! From http://www.fairtax.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=27341.0 FairTax Hearing Update At this time we're not certain a FairTax hearing will be held on July 26 with the debt ceiling stalemate in Washington, DC and the August recess approaching. However, Chairman Camp promised a hearing on HR 25 and we expect it in the near future. While we work on scheduling it, please encourage him take action soon by signing the request here. Thanks you!
  3. I got the same error message for three days in a row. When I called support they had me delete my cookies and temporary internet files which cured the problem.
  4. There are 4 pages of discussion on this at http://community.atxinc.com/forums/1/56839/ShowThread.aspx.
  5. Lila Godel

    4/15/2010 Acks

    See http://myatx.blogspot.com for the latest news on the backlog of unposted acks.
  6. His return would not necessacarliy have been due 03/15. He could have a calendar year parternship or a multi member LLC which would file a 1065 form due 04/15 or a single member LLC which would report its income and expenses on a schedule C filed with the owner's form 1040. Note that effective with tax year 2009 1065 forms on extension are due 9/15 (due date for 1120 and 1120S forms), not 10/15 (extension is for 5 months). This change was to prevent individual tax payers on extension from not being able to complete their taxes by 10/15 due to prepareres of 1065 returns with K-1's for them not getting them the K-1s by 10/15.
  7. My understanding is that you must have an EFIN to e-file anything. If you ment EIN, but accidently inserted an F that is not required.
  8. See http://community.atxinc.com/forums/thread/47984.aspx.
  9. Lila Godel

    ATX Blog

    Atx now has a blog. You may view it via a link at the support site or directly at http://myatx.blogspot.com. A discussion has been posted on the ATX Community asking for input on what people would like to see on the blog.
  10. Form 8453-F. Mail it and the check to the address where you would mail it if not using form 8879-F which you can still use for e-file authorization.
  11. See http://community.atxinc.com/forums/thread/32937.aspx for another thread regarding printing in ATX on the 64 bit version of Vista.
  12. Since you are now using Drake, you might want to check out their board at http://www.drakesupport.com/forums/index.php. It is only available for Drake customers, but that limitation was put in place after the firm I am with switched from Drake to ATX so my login still works.
  13. We switched to maxemail (www.maxemail.com) in Atlanta from having Faxes received by a PC and routed to a laser printer because at the time we switched the cost for customers with our plan billed annually was about what Bellsouth was charging us monthly for a dedicated fax line. We were able to get Faxes as PDFs or TIFs (we chose PDFs) and voice mails as WAVs or RAs (we chose WAVs). We had Bellsouth setup busy or no answer forwarding to the maxemail number for our voice mail. For incoming faxes and voice mails you specify up to 5 delivery e-mail address. For each address you specify whether the address should get e-mails with the faxes or voicemails attached or e-mails with links to the items. We had it setup so that my dad would get the files attached to his e-mails so he could handle the storage of the files in client files (needed to be handled by one person). I got the e-mails with just links so I could view the faxes and process them if they were for me. When we moved to Knoxville we could not get a number in our area code so we got a toll free number. With our toll free number they charged us $0.10 / page of each fax and would have charged us $0.10 for each voice mail had we not opted for the Bellsouth voice to avoid the $0.10 / voice mail charge. Later when I disccovered that our copy of SBS 2003 could be used to receive faxes and route them to an e-mail box we dropped Maxemail in favor of a dedicated fax line to avoid having to pay the $0.10 / page charge. At that time we were able to get a deal to have 3 phone lines (2 voice + 1 fax) for less than what were paying for 2 phone lines (2 voice and no fax).
  14. XP Home is networkable in a peer to peer mode. Its limitation which also applies to Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium is that joining a domain is not psosible. To join a domain you need XP Pro, Vista Business, Vista Ultimate or Vista Enterprise.
  15. Check out Office Tools Pro at www.officetoolspro.com. With its system you save all scans to a specialy created folder on the hard drive (C:\ Drop File on our workstations) that the software is programed to look for. When a scan is saved there or a file placed there OTP brings up a document add screen. After you specify a contact name, year (optional), project (optional), note (optional), staff and delivery (optional) the documement is added to the document file structure defined in the company setups and becomes visible in the doucments tab when the contact is looked up. Each doucment's file name is displayed in the File Name column of the documents tab as a hyperlink that when clicked instructs Windows to open the file with the application associated with its file extension. We use Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners. With the proper settings you load the papers in the feeder and press the scan button. After the scanning is complete you are presented with a file save as dialog box for your OTP drop folder. Then you just enter a file name, click OK and fill out the OTP document information screen. The only caveat is that in a networked environment you must have OTP set to a drop folder path that is valid on all workstions, but set to a folder in C:\. If the path has a mapped drive letter than each time a user saves a file to the drop folder that user and all others will receive the document information screen.
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