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  1. After spending about a month comparing ATX to Drake (cost, ease of use, support) I'm making the switch. Won't go into a lot of detail here, but after using Drake to prepare all extended returns I was sold. Hardest thing to get used to is not seeing the particular form that you are working on. Booger
  2. Thank You for all of the responses.
  3. Can an 1120-H be e-filed? If so, then what type of 8879 needs to be prepared, and does ATX support this type of e filing? Booger
  4. Jack, I have to agree with Janitor Bob on this issue. IF the school district return had to have its own acknowledgement, then we would see a third box to check when we efile. We use Drake and ATX in my office, and Drake doesn't have a separate ack for the school district either. I believe Karen doesn't know what she's talking about. After all, she works for the state. Booger
  5. My wife and I share our home with 2 cats--one pure black (Shadow) and one pure white (Snowball). Snowball is the lap cat...she will jump on your lap whenever she feels like it. Shadow is about twice the size of Snowball, but Snowball always gets the best of Shadow when they are wrestling. Booger
  6. JB, is Crazy Mary still jumping in the courthouse fountain? Inquiring minds want to know. Booger
  7. Thanks for your responses. Booger
  8. Another tax preparer friend of mine uses Drake. On the tax return itself, Drake will print "Statement #" on the appropriate tax return line whenever there is a supporting schedule used to support the amount on that particular line. Can I do the same using ATX, and if so, how do I get it done? Booger
  9. Thanks, OldJack. Have a great and profitable New Year!! Booger
  10. OldJack, I know that. What I was asking is how do you input the amount of loss allowed on the SHAREHOLDER'S K-1 input sheet in ATX? Do you input only the allowed loss on line 1 of the K-1 input sheet? Booger
  11. An S Corp shareholder's loss from the K-1 is going to be limited by his basis in 2010. Don't know the exact amount yet. I'm trying to figure out how to input the K-1 info so that the deductible amount of the loss flows correctly to page 2 of the Schedule E. This is NOT a passive activity. Do I input the deductible loss on line 1 of the K-1 input sheet, or is there another input space on the K-1 input sheet for the nondeductible portion of the loss? I have looked at the K-1 input sheet fairly closely, but could not find an appropriate space. Thanks in advance. Booger
  12. I too would like to wish everyone on this board a successful tax season. Booger
  13. All I asked for was an update regarding when we can expect to receive the 2011 software. I ASSUMED that there were others on this board that were waiting for the software as well. Where did I put my account info on this board, Tom? Booger
  14. When can we expect to receive the 2011 payroll software? My Credit Card was charged about a week ago for the cost, but I haven't received the software. Just Curious Booger
  15. Yes, don't forget to vote. The country you save may be your own. Yankee Doodle Booger
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