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1099-C primary residence mortgage forgiveness

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Client had $24,000 primary residence mortgage debt cancelled in 2020 (1099-C).  I know I use Form 982, but for IRS matchng purposes, do I also need to add the cancelled debt as misc income on the 1040 as a positive then as a negative to zero out....or only on the 982?

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2 minutes ago, WITAXLADY said:

That is how I do it - but I think the line 21 or whatever the new line is needs to be added as an attachment as I routinely get an IRS request to explain away the canceled debt

D from WI...

What do you mean by "added as attachment"?  On the worksheet for Line 8 (Other income), I was going to include the amount with description of "1099-C Cancelled Debt" then also as a negative amount with description (Form 982 Debt forgiveness exclusion"...Then also include the Form 982.

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Only form 982 is needed if all the debt is excluded.   Ten or 12 years ago when the housing market crashed, we filed a lot of COD's in the several hundred thousand $ range and there was never any issue with the IRS.   I think the highest amount was over $800K.

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