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Form needed to explain why no e-file?

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Do you mean a print of the reject?  I have listed on the form the code R0000-507-01 and have advised the clients to include documentation from the agency substantiating foster position.  I also will advise to mark each page "ATTACHMENT TO 2020 FORM 1040" and list taxpayer's SSN.  I have a stamp I could use but they are distanced clients and have the documentation.

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4 hours ago, Margaret CPA in OH said:

belt and suspenders

and duct tape and staples.  While Slippery Pencil may never have had an issue, I prefer to give whoever at the IRS sees the paperwork first absolutely no reason or excuse on God's green earth to take any action other than the one I want them to take.  And I always assume that the person opening the envelope is the newest hire with a forged GED, and word everything so that s/he cannot help but understand exactly what I want done.

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