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  1. Agricultural Industry. I have a 2 month busy season ahead of me with the company so that makes me a sucker for punishment.
  2. It's official. Hiho Hiho, it's off to Ag I go. I wish you all the best! Thanks again for all the feedback over the years (whether I was lurking or active )
  3. Wow, I just dealt with this.... WHAT A PITA! I'll add another sun to your power of dislike.
  4. I did an ohio K-1 last year. State returns are a ridiculous burden on the taxpayer and then us. Everyone else has my condolences.
  5. Probably already have "bad" credit.
  6. Not to take away from the focus of the post... The 1/2% savings compared to the $35 (?) fee to set one up doesn't make sense to me financially, and I figure those clients probably already have been credit. I believe the $35 fee is reassessed every time the client breaks the agreement isn't it? I figure charging them a fee to help with this typically doesn't make sense. If they don't have the money now, they will likely miss a payment again and be back at square one. A lot of assumptions on my part.
  7. I had a client paper file (they wrote numbers in by hand ) in July 2020 and send payment with return. The IRS cashed the check and didn't process the return. By February 2021 I finally conceded to the clients wishes and drafted a new original paper-filed return to mail off. My other client with a 3520 issue (and $24k penalty) is getting the nasty grams from the IRS but there's nobody to call and no one to process, so that will be a total nightmare for months I'm sure.
  8. Sorry, I'm not sure since we don't recommend those for clients. No savings, a lot of hassle, and if they miss a payment they seem to get kicked off their own payment agreement.
  9. I had one recently where I couldn't find a number to call. That might have been for form 3520 though... which they don't have a unit or competent agent to address correspondence on. I saw where the IRS is trying to hire appraisers to help audit conservation easements... I also saw where they are trying to hire cryptocurrency specialists since they've been contracting that work out. To say they are failing at "customer service" would be an understatement! I'm not really sure what the point of the phone lines are other than the EA and CPA lines, since they can't offer tax advice anyway. Just have a collections line if that's the case. Government
  10. We have a few newer preparers and I was supposed to do review, but ended up getting all the complex returns, so it varies from two days per return to one return in 3 hours. I do NOT want to know my actual average. We did the PPP loans in our office so we don't have an end in sight on the return front.
  11. I've never included a code. Just written something along the lines of "The taxpayer is ineligible for efile due to...".
  12. I'm heading out for the day. Ex-line 21? Child info isn't throwing a diagnostic?
  13. Thanks for sharing Margaret, it's nice to know others are reaching that point too. If I had a pretty face I would do youtube like one of my clients who expects to gross $200K in his first full year of being monetized. Sadly I'm just a fat, bald, middle-aged male who's passed his prime Was the industry always like this?
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