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I use whatever the group plan is by NAEA, their E&O plus cyber rider. They've had various companies in different years, and by state. Can't remember if mine (in CT) is currently AON or Calsurance or... Check with your professional organizations for group rates for our profession.

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I am currently using BiBERK.  E&O plus Cyber is about $450.   Online application is pretty simple.   Not very good customer service.   Hard to get in touch with.   I needed something when I moved to Texas and I grabbed them in a pinch.   I am looking to change.   Not because of price, but because of service.

Longview, TX

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I'll share my details, but only via PM. This is a public searchable and accessible forum, so I am not comfortable putting this type of information in the public domain.

Hartford, via online source. Never spoke to anyone, don't care to. Second year with them. Premium went down about 6% from first year with them. My limits are likely higher than the majority here as I have to think about my family, and two other families (shareholder families). I also cover a home office other than mine, an employee's home office. The last line in the image is what, for me, relates yo your E&O, even though my software is licensed, like most, "as is". Note, my primary concern is paying to deflect/defend whatever someone may file. After 40 years, never happened, although a few have said they were. Still, as a corp, I would be derelict if I did not have reasonable coverage.


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I have Mercer as agent for E&O. Switched away from Hartford some years ago when Mercer had better coverage limits for less than Hartford. They shop out to different companies; currently covered by Carolina Casualty. Cyber is separate through ERO Cyber Security.

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