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No fixed assets and can't efile payroll


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I know there is a simple fix to the 'no fixed assets' issue (went into FA and nothing is there), but I can't find the ATX chatboard on the support site.  Anyone know the fix?

Second issue is that I can't efile my 941s.  Message comes up that there is a form that cannot be efiled.  Tried the 940 too but got a different message and thought that maybe, just maybe, efile hasn't opened yet.

Had the payroll issue last year too, after the 941 was revised. 

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My efiling issue is that when I hit 'efile' I get a message saying "efile is not available for any of the forms in this return".  Anyone else get that? Probably not.  I've had this issue since last year Q2.

But if anyone has, I need to know how to fix it!

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