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Is it possible to add a "return to forum" at the bottom of the page?

When I click on a topic and scroll down to the new replies I have to scroll all the way up again to return to the forum. Having a button at the bottom of the page would eliminate those key strokes.



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It's already possible, Bill. Look at the bottom, and you will see a box with 'Go' which you can click to go back to the list of posts. Also, if you click on the box in front of that 'go' button, you can then get a menu which offers you the ability to choose other sections to go to.

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I had never noticed those particular buttons, but right under the last post in the section are the words <<Next Oldest Website Discussion Next Newest >> and if you click on the forum title in that group it brings you back to the list of topics. So apparently there are lots of ways to navigate these pages. Thanks ERC ;)

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