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  1. That's right, kids. Don't learn about science and technology from Buzzfeed articles. Any media outlet that relies on ad revenue and clickbait headlines will gloss over the science (because it's boring for the non-nerds, I guess) and sensationalize it to the point where it's got no substance, but guaranteed to be shared 10 million times on Facebook.
  2. I don't think you'll find a really satisfactory answer to that question anywhere, the two platforms are very different, and both are relatively secure. Like you say, Windows is a more appealing target due to numbers alone... so a better return on investment for people looking to spread malware. Apple does have one benefit though -- by default, macOS is configured to only accept software installs that are from apple-signed developers, which provides an additional layer of trust when installing new software. So, if you attempt to install some application on your mac from a developer that isn't approved/signed by apple, you get a worrying message about it. The software isn't necessarily bad, but the message that you're given is strongly worded to make you think twice about whether you trust that developer. On the other hand, when you install Windows software, you get the same generic UAC dialog box no matter who provides the software. People are trained to click YES without giving it much of a thought because it comes up every single time you install a program on Windows. So, that's one way that the average user is slightly more protected from themselves when using a Mac. It's not bullet-proof, though. Bad things can happen to good software. Example: I use a well-known video transcoding application called Handbrake on both Windows and Mac. It's legit software, and well-respected for the quality of the audio/video it produces when converting between formats. Somewhere along the line, the latest version was replaced (on Handbrake's download site) with a copy that included malicious code. Anyone who downloaded and installed it on their mac are infected with some nasty malware. Thankfully, I didn't download a new version recently, so I'm unaffected. However, I just read an article today that the developer (Panic Inc.) for another piece of software, Transmission (in my opinion, the best FTP Client available for macOS) did get infected by that malware-laced Handbrake download, and as a result a good portion of the soruce code for Transmission has been stolen. Is there a chance that vulnerabilities will be uncovered in Transmission when the source code is examined? Idunno. I'm considering using a free open-source alternative on my Mac for a while, though. If that wasn't a long enough post, here's some additional details about the two recent hacks in case you find these things interesting (ha)
  3. It's certainly not for everyone.
  4. It's very simple. Focus on the law itself, and do your best not to make it about the people who are making the law. This has nothing to do with sensitivity, and everything to do with staying on topic. If you are unable to tell the difference between bean-counter law discussion, and snowflake libtards vs the evil cheese doodle president, for example, then I don't know what to tell you.
  5. Of course, if you have money to burn, there's this ugly thing. $300 for a wireless router might sound like a lot, but it's quite a deal if you take into account that when you turn it on, the eye of Sauron will appear in flames between the antennas.
  6. If you spend about $120 (give or take) on a new router, chances are it'll be good quality, and do what you need. This isn't scientific, but if you head to amazon and search for router, generally you'll have pretty good luck with whatever model tons of people are buying. EDIT: As far as getting better signal outside, simultaneous dual band routers support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. 5GHz will get you better speed/bwndwidth, and 2.4GHz is slower and more prone to trouble with interference, but is better at penetrating walls... You can have two active networks (one for each frequency) so if you're outside and 5GHz isn't cutting it, you can switch to 2.4 easily.
  7. Personally, if the situation were reversed and I were about to receive a pain-in-the-ass client, I would appreciate knowing the history up front. I work in a different field, of course, but dealing with people is dealing with people. And I prefer not to deal with the ones who don't value my time.
  8. A manual refresh is required. You are correct that you only get a live notification if someone replies while you are typing a response.
  9. My server (it's a virtual server) has been migrated to a new facility. They took care of the process at 4am this morning. If anyone sees anything missing, I would appreciate a heads up as soon as possible. Thanks, Eric
  10. If your computer guy hasn't tried it yet, I would suggest going to the Microsoft website and downloading the Anniversary Update update disc image, and installing it offline instead of letting Windows Update do it.
  11. Holy smokes! I was on the road all day, got a flat tire on the way back, had to change it in the mud/ice/slush, and when I got home my email had blown up with paypal notifications. Thank you!
  12. Haha thanks for the kind words
  13. I had already increased the monthly bandwidth allocation for the site in anticipation of the growth we've seen in traffic since last year, but apparently I didn't boost it enough! All better now, I'll be sure to keep a better eye on that.
  14. I definitely wasn't fishing for donations, but thank you Good news! Nothing blew up!
  15. Just a quick heads up -- I'll be upgrading my server to PHP 7 this evening, which will require a little bit of downtime. I'll be performing the work in the evening to reduce the burden on the bulk of my clients, so some time after 10pm Eastern Time (probably closer to 11pm). And then tomorrow there will be some additional downtime, although very short, when I upgrade to the latest version of the forum software. Sorry for the inconvenience! EDIT: It's a relatively minor forum upgrade. Mostly performance enhancements and bug fixes, but also some (very) minor new features that I doubt anyone will notice. After the upgrade: Ctrl+ENTER keyboard shortcut to submit a reply Some additional logic to help reduce double-posting If you're using multiple devices to browse the forum, you'll now be less likely to be logged out