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  1. Program Closing

    ok - so wandering minds want to know - how do you clear your print cache without rebooting? thx d
  2. brother buys sibling share of home

    2 questions - so does a life estate qualify as inheritance? What if the parent goes into a nursing home and kids sell home before mom dies? Technically her home LE but I think they are splitting money - early inheritance???
  3. Home Equity Loan Interest and the New Law

    thank you - I just had a financial broker ask me today and I forgot this right answer! cars bad, house good D
  4. Issues with 1040 EdExp form?

    absolutely agree - I think in 27 years I have had 2? 1099-Q's - and WI - when you bring up the WI Homestead - it brings up a WI-017 - for a rental property - most of these people in the great Northwoods own their little plots of land! I do not need that form!! And it brings it up even if it already has a 018 in it!! Do not be so helpful - if you want to be helpful, populate the address on the rent certificate and the property address - cuz if they are getting the credit - 90% of the time it is because they live at that same address they are filing at - or put a check box like in Feecollect - great idea!! thx
  5. Go away...you bother me

    man - add $50 to her price!! or next year!
  6. sec 179 depreciation not working - help please!

    well I tried on mine and then thought I probably need to go to the server - and no windows icon?? I do taxes, not computers - usually do team viewer - at least the first time - not much for IT
  7. ATX Form 4562

    hhmm - how do I do that?
  8. so I filed a claim with ATX - been over 24 hrs - just an email saying they received - shut down computer - still no change! Cannot use sec 179 feature!! and taxpayer coming to pu Thursday... shows on 4562 summary but nowhere else... - not on 4562 pg 1, Sch c depreciation, fixed assets - Will overwrite if not fixed soon - grr and yes I have updated again does not work on any other clients either!! - + or - income Anyone else with issues?
  9. Go away...you bother me

    yesterday already, I decided taxes were fine - government nasty and I do not like people anymore - too demanding!
  10. new laws - what are you doing?

    so do you feel like you are in limbo waiting to see if the forms are going to be revised??!! I have a number now that need to be amended -- grr

    sounds like it to me! D
  12. Tax prep fees on Sch A

    great idea!
  13. 2018 exemption amount for elderly?

    Thank you so much!
  14. so as I am trying to figure out the 2018 taxes for the elderly - does anyone have that info? I cannot find it by searching.. $24,000 for mfj, $12,000 single - what about age? Anyone? please, Thx
  15. Tax prep fees on Sch A

    but you cannot get it off - when you use it for a business - have to override!