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  1. look it up - 2014 audit closes when pls?

    client did not sign off - never had chance for representation??
  2. So of course no one is watching to see if folders are running low.. so two of us go in the back to look see - there must be more! I am looking in the little storage room and see the sticky trap on the floor halfway under the shelf and say - I bet I find a dried up old mouse there! _We do live in the country! I say yep I was right! C out in the office yells back you found them? I said no - she doesn't hear so she comes barreling around the corner. The lady in back with me, (H) says show her! I hold out the trap - it was not that old, and highly recognizable but not smelly anymore - thank goodness - right!! C starts screaming and screaming and turns around and flips up her legs and runs the other way into the other back room about 15 feet away. Talk about cruel - I did not know H had such a cruel streak in her - she seems so quiet and nice - she knew C was terrified of mice!! My husband comes down to see who is dying of bloody murder - we are mortified but laughing hysterically, including C of course who is laughing by now, in between screams as I am putting it in a plastic bag to give to my husband - C saying don't put it in my wastebasket!! Well that was good for about 30 minutes of laughs! C said she always sneaks into the bathroom to make sure there is not a mouse on the trap by the toilet - guess I should get rid of my mouse method! Now what to do to H to get back at her!! She hates snakes.. or a wet seat? It was hilarious and oh so mean. But C is fine.
  3. 1 - so if I disagree with audit results and I have a letter to have client sign to agree - when does this year close? I filed an amended 2014 on Aug 17, 2015 so do I have 3 years from the amend? 2 - Contested is whether when timber is sold is if that becomes real property for purposes of 8903 - DPAD or stays personal property which qualifies... anyone familiar with DPAD? Thx D
  4. back to the trust year

    thx - I understand the accrual portion - you can finish up without really receiving - knowing it is coming.. Do I need to do anything paperwise or just when I file for an extension or just when I file ? if it closes June 2018 - 1 year - if I do not chose a short year - just 1 year - when is it first due without an extension.. and I realized after, I should not have said trust as this is an estate.. sorry.
  5. back to the trust year

    so I was informed my client that passed away July 2017 is to do a Fiscal Trust - so it is ends June 2018 - I do not need to do anything until Sept 2018? And then an extension if I am not for whatever reason not done with it? Thx D
  6. k-1 with lots of taxable income

    1st distribution - late k-1 in 2016 and now someone mentioned a second distribution - and I have all their 2017's done for these 6!! except 1 - if they knew there was a 2nd k-1 - could some one think!! So ya - Why would the estate not pay it - tax too high? Thx d
  7. Done

    HHMM I just counted and marked who is an extension and have 80 I "have " to do -some owe, and should get a voucher, some just" I really do not want an extension".. 5 days? 16 a day - averaging 6-11 right now.. I find I cannot type and really slow down when I do not sleep more than 6 hrs - 5 I am cranky - front desk person went home in tears today - but I think it was her family not me!! I hope I really did not yellllll I do this why? the cash I guess - and yes I claim it all.. but I like money - no I guess I like them getting lots of $$$ back or paying less !!
  8. Hello...and Former Client Needs Help

    he should have E & O for the penalties etc.. that is why we pay it correct?
  9. well I have his/her permission wait are you even related?!
  10. k-1 with lots of taxable income

    so family member dies in IL - I have 5 k-1's with lots of taxable income 0- cpa says it is from a 1099-R from an IRA from Merrill Lynch - wouldn't that be stocks on the inside - so there would be stepped up basis? cost basis? so only a part should be taxable and then only a part upon dod as inheritance? Am I mixing up ira's and stocks? help me think this thru please and can this be brought down tax wise? Thx you all
  11. need IL NR help please

    aaahh I wondered why it popped up!! thx to both of you!
  12. 77 Returns in house with 7 days to go!

    I figured 11 a day and then the callers - can't do if you are not on my list... that brings me to 2/19 maybe 2/25? 2/27 ya you are an extension.. gotta do the ones who owe - rough them in!
  13. Where is that file?

    that's what I was going to say!! mine isn't that bad - I have some floor space - my piles are higher
  14. I am CRAP sometimes - I should be fired

    picky client called as we had to tell her the refund was lower for state as the sales tax was put in as estimates - I missed it But the catch is - she only wants me to touch her return.. how do you explain someone else put it in wrong and I missed it.. No one wanted to take her call - so the boss does - right! I finally said I messed up, totally my fault and she was fine!