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  1. Setting Tax Appointments - Best Practices

    I have gone almost completely away from apptmts and do all drop-off/email/mail and do apptmts for pick-ups only if necessary..
  2. Coming tax changes

    so is this tax law going into effect for 2017? or 2018?
  3. 2015 Form 1040X - has not received check yet

    I am still trying to get refunds from April for 2013! 3x sent in proof... Same with paper audits - seem to be automatic no's and ignoring..
  4. 941 and W-2 matching for S Corp?

    so once again we are trying to get the S Corp W-2's correct by adding in the Health Insurance paid by the company for that member more than 2%. How does the 941 get filled out to balance? The instructions do not mention taking the health insurance back off... and for gross wages to balance with the W-3 and the 4 quarters, the health insurance needs to come out so as not to charge soc sec and medicare? Or do we not care if they balance and are off by the health insurance amount? Looking ahead and trying to get Paychex to do the W-2's correct for the couple of S Corps they do. Thank you for any insight, D

    I still say the best way is eliminate the IRS and there goes 99% of the cheating - I can get by with bookkeeping or retire!! and play with my grandchildren...
  6. well at least you got the old books!
  7. no K-1 but wants to file??

    so client works and received checks as partner - (sort of but that is another issue! ) company doesn't file anything! but he wants to do his taxes - he knows how much he received, and based on last year - there should be at least 50% of that as loss again - can he file like that? just to get it done? main person has pretty much skipped town - altho I see the signif other still working at a local business but the IRS cannot find the main partner.. suggestions? He will have to pay in and wants to do some at least? Is there such thing as a substitute K-1? And the business has changed names and EIN so I do not knoe if I have that info on file - but then if I make up a K-1 - I feel I am committing fraud! D
  8. Minimal Depreciation

    I agree - with cbslee
  9. penalty for late filing - not paying

    thanks you all!! some great scenes! so I emailed the wife of the one and said sorry to involve you but you'll end up involved with the penalty... she got let go.. - funny she didn't ask me for a job as I offered one to her last spring! but sold their house in Iowa and will pay both with their personal; taxes! I did watch these and more - refresh myself - I say I am going to ask for payment for everyone up front this year!! but we decided that would be more of a nightmare.. hard to believe people with refunds do not pick up their taxes! and gotta love those high % credit cards.. is it legal to give cash discounts? D
  10. but why just the 2 hurricanes - why not for other tragedies or cancer victims... great idea - too narrow
  11. so I did the return - knew they going out of business, have one of the partners personals.. whines as he has no money - soc sec $19,000, her W-2 - $30,000 can't pay partnership return due 9/15 of just $250, partner says he has no money Tell me I am not filing this I have warned them - penalty is greater than what they owe me... He says have Darlene call me- so he can talk me into filing with out paying - he already owes me a retainer of just $200 for IRS trouble, says penalties don't bother him.. tell me not to file without paying! I am so bad at that ! I trust people.. and they stiff me

    what do you mean find 4868 - put that in the title?
  13. wi is by county but many counties are not online yet.. and some sites are a misery to navigate!
  14. for profit organization - what form file please?

    as I responded to her - I see they are not even a LLC - and told her Sch C - they need to change something so the donations they are soliciting for are deductible!! Thank you!