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  1. Didn't look this up, but my gut instinct says that you may have file MFS.
  2. I have a very reliable Ativa 1850 which does the confetti cut, for which I paid about $ 400.
  3. I am looking forward to seeing what the answer is, since I don't know either ?
  4. If you are efiling an Oregon 20 S, you have to attach a pdf of the 7004 to the Oregon return, since it's after March 15th unless of course no extension was filed ?
  5. I was at a CPE Class about 10 years ago talking to another EA. He had a Murphy bed and a shower in his office, worked 14 hour days all through tax season said that he did 800 tax returns by himself. The only help he had was his wife who did copying and assembly stuff 3 days a week. He worked a few less hours on Saturday and Sunday, which were the only nights he went home and slept in his own bed. He said he made enough money to take most of the remaining months of the year off. Thirty years ago I could have worked that many hours, those days are now far in the distant past.
  6. cbslee

    Online Fax

    Search the board, there was a lengthy thread about this topic last year.
  7. Just because the Employer screwed up doesn't magically create a QBI deduction.
  8. This worksheet has always been a bit tricky. If you get the information entered on the right lines, it will work.
  9. Then you need a copy of the 8824 from several years ago which will give you the deductible basis.
  10. No, not quite that simple. Do a search for "1031 exchange rules" and you will flooded with resources and explanations.
  11. Remember the MeF system is shutdown for maintenance from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM EST every Sunday morning , which doesn't help.
  12. You have condensed the details so far that it's not clear what your question is?
  13. I have no idea what is allowed in the state of New York, but in my state of Oregon only attorneys can legally perform these tasks.
  14. That is not included in any list that I have seen.
  15. Does the husband have his own business ?
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