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  1. Had an ACH delayed 9 days after date requested, but it did happen. Agent on the EFW hotline said delays are up to 2 weeks.
  2. This is from the Electronic Funds Withdrawal page at irs.gov: "If a payment is returned by your financial institution (e.g., due to insufficient funds, incorrect account information, closed account, etc.) the IRS will mail a Letter 4870 to the address we have on file for you, explaining why the payment could not be processed, and providing alternate payment options."
  3. Until a year ago, I met them nearly all of them. I don't think they met me. I'd see them in the grocery store, when I used to go to them, and lift my shades and say, "It's me ... I do your taxes!"
  4. BP.

    APTC solved!

    IRS Newswire 9 Apr IR-2021-84 "The Internal Revenue Service announced today that taxpayers with excess APTC for 2020 are not required to file Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, or report an excess advance Premium Tax Credit repayment on their 2020 Form 1040..."
  5. Expanded eligibility for Child and Dependent Care Expenses.
  6. I'll try: For 2018 the TPs filed MFJ with 3 qualifying kids. EIP 1 was paid to them before the 2019 returns were filed. So that meant they were eligible to get EIP 1 of $3900- (1200+1200+500+500+500) based on 2018 filing. Each now single partner reports exactly half of what sent. That is $1950. (3900/2) So that looks correct. Some confusing elements- You say "They got the first stimulus ..." then you say "... she never got .. the first payment." ?? Also, not sure why the other party is saying their EIP 1 was $2,200. I'm seeing confusions als
  7. BP.

    PTC Repayment

    Looks like you called this one. That's today's IRS guidance, per TW. If there's a PTC repayment (an amount on line 29) then discard Form 8962. Yay, more files out the door!!
  8. BP.

    PTC Repayment

    OK, that's cool, because I just found myself overriding the UC worksheet at the bottom of Schedule 1 to remove the UC from the MAGI calculation.
  9. BP.

    PTC Repayment

    I'm going to wait. There might be a "worksheet" for this.
  10. Yay, the update is here! And so are all of you....Lion said you were over here, and how nice it is! Cheers to you too!
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