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  1. Still exhausted, even though I did almost nothing the rest of last week. But this week back to doing regular accounting, which I've come to hate, and trying to go through a million emails. So happy it's Friday.
  2. It gets treated just like PPP, non-taxable fed, state may or may not be taxable.
  3. Leftover chocolate?? I'm not familiar with that concept.
  4. Yikes! I'd mark it until the efiled extension goes through, then unmark it right away. OR, mark it with the F4 purple filed - if the efile will except that, it's a way to make sure you don't forget later on.
  5. Just finished the last of my extensions. Considering they're folks who just got me their info in the last week, I didn't even bother with having to get their signatures to e-file the 4868, I just gave them all the vouchers and told them to write checks. I do still have a bunch I need to print and compile, but those can wait til Sunday or Monday. Next year I'm going to move everyone to getting their final copies via the portal, except that I have a lot of older folks who don't have printers and/or can't handle the portal. Taking the rest of next week off, then I'll finish up extensions and get back to boring old accounting. Hope everyone has a great summer!
  6. I get so much junk email I don't even bother to check it for scams, it just all gets deleted. Maybe this summer I'll be good and report the scammers, but there are just so many... usually for me it's things like "your order" from companies that I you couldn't pay me to do business with, so all easily avoided. I do get some weird "new client" ones, but not as many this year as the last 2 years.
  7. That's smart of them. Perhaps I'll remind my procrastinators or that next year!
  8. The people who wait until April to get their paperwork to us always makes me wonder - have they never thought about the fact that by April we're overworked, over-stressed, sleepless and in a fog? And that's who you want doing your tax return?? I wouldn't want to do my own return at this point! I have one major return left to do, but I'm having a hard time getting started. It's always horrid - Sch C, most years bad bookkeeping, owner is clueless, etc. It takes so many hours over several days (waiting on him or his bookkeeping service to reply to questions or supply missing info). Last night I was thinking, just make sure the W3 matches the P&L, and take the rest at face value. I don't have it in me to go through his GL and fix all the errors. And by this stage of the game, I'm firmly in "the hell with this" territory.
  9. Hope they both have mild cases, and hope you can stay healthy!!
  10. That's always been my assumption, when I see huge stacks of useless of forms and worksheets from a previous accountant, that's it a way to justify their fees. I print what's needed. As other's have said, it's a pain to go through and uncheck all the stupid things ATX think we should want. But we kill enough trees with the important stuff. If it's just the pdf for them to review, I sometimes leave in the junk just to save time.
  11. Last year and this one it's been so bad. Today is the worst, I quit counting after it crashed a dozen times before 12:30. The portal is pretty unstable also.
  12. I've only been in the office for about 90 minutes, and ATX has already crashed 3 times, and lost connection to the portal 3 times - and not the same 3 times! It's going to be a long day.... Make that 4 times.
  13. #6 made me laugh! But wow, those are some toxic folks. Glad the husband gets it, but since he wouldn't step in before it got out of hand, I'm glad you fired them for next year.
  14. Brother MFC-8890 DW here. Can't say there's never been issues, but only once have I needed a repair person, to replace.... some part that needs to be replaced every 5+ years. LOL. It does seem to be overheating lately - but who can blame it, during tax season? - but if it goes I'll replace it with the same model, or close to it.
  15. I made such a boneheaded mistake yesterday. Though at worst it will a generate a couple WTH? letters from the states, I think. I spent the most of the day working on two returns from hell. This one, the young TP had moved from MN to WI, and first there was all kinds of confusion with her two Sch Cs in the organizer, home offices and all. This is only the second year she's had to file her taxes, so she's still getting used to it. Anyway, tons of back of and forth emails. And I have a clear memory of changing the address on Main Info, but I'm guessing that was one of the many times the program crashed, and I didn't remember to check it when I re-opened. So 2 Cs, 2 HOs 2 part-year resident state returns - all showing her old MN address! And I didn't catch it until I went to print a mailing slip this morning, after everything had been e-filed. I'm laughing, but kicking myself too. What a dumb thing, but I don't generally even look at the top of 1040 once I've initially entered everything. And of course, by the time any agency wants to contact her, the forwarding order will have expired and their letters will get returns. I'll file a change of address with the IRS, but I'm thinking I should file state amendments at some point, just to show the correct change of address on the Cs, but not sure how soon to do it. Unless anyone has a better suggestion?
  16. Yep. Mine didn't move to Transmitted to Agency for hours yesterday, so that seemed like an ATX problem. But then it's still sitting there this morning, so maybe it's IRS.
  17. My Feb was pretty normal, but I feel like a lot of people are waiting longer than usual now. I'm afraid they got used to extended seasons, and now are procrastinating more than ever.
  18. I'm going to try again, using different fields on the Perm file. hopefully if we use a date field, it should link correctly. I was bummed that I can't link adresses to my stupid local form. ATX error, something about not being able to use links on a detail sheet. Sigh.
  19. Sigh, first efile with this got rejected. And another one showed errors before being able to create. All on the dates. tried various formats, nothing worked. Bummer, it was an great solution! I'm going to keep the info on the Perm sheet, at least it will be easy to copy/paste next year. And it does keep the long ID numbers, so that's half the battle!
  20. Ugh, I had one of those a few years back. I forget how many states, but I could work on it, but not print. Try to print, it crashes. Sadly, I don't recall for sure my solution, other than making sure everything else was shutdown, and restarting ATX only to work on that return. My take away was, dump the client (there were other reasons) and never have another one with so many states.
  21. Same here! I'm wondering if this might also be able to solve one of my other pet peeves, of home address info that doesn't roll over to our local Property Tax refund return. Every stinking year, have to enter all the address info, even though it can only be claimed on the filers home, so it's 99% of the time going to be the same address as the 1040. Way to go Abby!! I too have my best ideas in the shower, but I seldom remember them by the time I'm done.
  22. That just sucks, I hate companies that screw employees over this way. There's a way to do so he only pays his own share of SE, but that lets the IRS know the company is doing something illegal. So if he's afraid of being fired, I think you're stuck with treating it as Sch C, and just call him a Construction company. He wouldn't have been tracking any job expenses, but maybe he can go back thru his bank records and reconstruct the costs of any safety equipment, tools, uniforms, etc. that he had to buy.
  23. Yes, the perfumes and the smokers are horrible! And they can stink up your whole file drawer. I have asthma and both of those can set me off, so those ones get copied asap and then sealed in an envelope.
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