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  1. I hear you, I had one in Feb who blew up at me for something that the next day proved to be their fault. Hope your husband finishes his recovery more easily.
  2. That's been my experience with several clients this year.
  3. Catherine, MN needs to do that too! They haven't even worked out which of the gazillion federal changes from last year we'll conform to. And the legislature is in session until around May 17th, so that's when they'll probably do something. Absolutely the feds and states need to match the Estimated dates to the return dates!
  4. Just when I was feeling excited that ATX had updated. Last year was the Season-that-just-won't-end. This year is just the Season from Hell. Dumpster Fire indeed.
  5. Just what I was coming in here to ask about! If no one's heard anything, we'll just wait...... Hopefully not as long as we have to wait for the UI fix, seems like the date should be a simpler fix.
  6. And I don't think they've addressed the APTC issue yet, but that seems like an extremely easy thing for the IRS to do themselves, so hopefully no amendments there either!
  7. I had a new client who requested transcripts over the summer. We've yet to see any transcripts, of course, but they had no problem cashing her check.
  8. IKR??? I'm tearing out my hair because MN hasn't passed a damned tax bill for 2020 yet! So many federal changes, and no idea which they'll conform and which not. They're always late, but we've never had so many changes like this.
  9. Oh Bonnie, that's horrible, I hope you both make speedy recoveries!
  10. I would say it hinges are what his plans were back in Dec when he got the notice. Was he planning to retire? Or was he planning to look for other work. If he was going to job-hunt, then it's Covid related, since almost no one was hunting or hiring last spring.
  11. Bingo! Last year was miserable with returns just dribbling in. I don't want a repeat of that, and most of us had plenty of time to plan for the new season (in terms of doing things remotely), so I was opposed to it until this week. But between this, and my stupid state legislature STILL not close to deciding what 2020 provisions they'll conform to, now I'm rooting for a later deadline.
  12. Much as I hate to have another never-ending tax season, they almost have to extend the deadline now. How is the IRS going to figure out their system, all the tax programs re-do their software, and all the state figure out how to conform or not, and then all of us catch up with all the effected returns, all within 5 weeks??
  13. Oh, good to know, guess I've never tried that!! Well I hope you find a solution, I have one with the 1310 coming up too. It might be one of those where we have to attach the form as a pdf.
  14. Because it's too late to e-file a 2019? Can't we only e-file the current season?
  15. Oh Rita, I'm so sorry. May her memory be for a blessing.
  16. I agree, I haven't found anything more recent that says the Dec bill changed the taxable nature of it. If we're wrong, at least our way will mean a refund, not an extra tax bill.
  17. Oy. Mine crashes at least once a day this year, but I've been using it to remind myself to get up and move around, lol.
  18. Ugh, I've been wrestling with this one. Another accountant I know swears it was made non-taxable, that the Dec bill made all Covid credits, grants, etc non-taxable. So they're balancing it to Addt'l Cap Paid In. I can't find any reference for that, so I'm still thinking it a credit against Wage expense. I would so love to be wrong on this one, I'd just like a cite.
  19. I really hope this is one of those times. One, I don't want to be amending returns in the middle of the season, but those are folks who won't want to wait for much needed extra refunds. And two, I hate to have to charge people who are hurting for amended returns that aren't their fault. Seems like the IRS would be able to flag and recalculate those returns pretty easily, albeit maybe not until summer.
  20. So many returns to amend..... because of course, many of these folks are the same ones due refunds, and so come in early. Anyone think there's a chance the IRS will say they can figure this for returns already filed, and automatically issue refunds? Our state does that some years, when the Legislature doesn't conform to federal tax law until May. But Don't know if i can recall the IRS ever having to do it. Either way, I'm sure they'll issue guidance in the next couple weeks. Kind of feel sorry for them, having to do another round of stim checks right in the middle of tax season.
  21. LOL, it's downright balmy now, 40 degrees today and tomorrow. But mighty windy, so that sucks the fun out of it being warm. Otherwise I'd have the windows open.
  22. Oh Bonnie, I'm sorry. May her memory be for a blessing. I'm sure your clients will continue to be understanding, if you have to go for extensions.
  23. Aha, right you are, Lion! Once you create the pdf and attach it, you can still leave the original 8915-E in the return without error. https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/alternative-filing-method-for-e-filed-returns-that-include-form-8915-e-and-form-7202 Because Forms 8915-E and 7202 are new and impacted by recent legislation, IRS has provided alternatives for these forms to be included with an e-filed return. Some software providers allow the forms to be attached as a pdf, others as a statement attached to the filing. As an alternative to attaching a PDF of Form 8915-E or 7202, to increase e-filing and reduce paper filing, software providers may instead include with the e-filed return a general dependency statement that includes all the information requested on Form 8915-E or 7202 if they are unable to attach a PDF of the form. Such a statement should look similar to the following for Form 8915-E, or correspondingly similar for Form 7202. Forms that have been typically filed as a PDF in the past, such as Form 8915-E, or other new forms not yet on XML, should still be sent in as a PDF.
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