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States that require their own signature forms for e-filing


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I have been looking for the form that my client needs to sign in order to efile their taxes with WI. I checked everywhere in ATX and added and removed forms to no avail. Out of 40+ states, it had to be Wisconsin.

I am glad I found this info on line before going bananas.

Which states still require a signature form besides the Federal Form 8879 when efiling an Individual Tax Return?

The following states require a separate signature form for electronically filing an Individual Tax return:

                     States                            Signature forms          
      AL      Alabama            AL Form 8453                              
      AZ      Arizona            AZ Form 8879                               
      AR      Arkansas            AR Form 8453                              
      CA      California            CA Form 8453                              
    CA Form 8879                              
      CO      Colorado            CO Form DR 8453     
    CO Form DR 1778 - eFiler Attachment     
      DE      Delaware            DE Form 8453                              
      GA      Georgia            GA Form 8453                              
      HI      Hawaii            HI Form EF AUTH - HI eFile authorization form          
      IL      Illinois            IL Form 8453                              
      IN      Indiana            IN Form IT-8879                              
      IA      Iowa            IA Form 8453                              
      KY      Kentucky            KY Form 8879-K                              
      LA      Louisiana            LA Form 8453                              
      MD      Maryland            MD Form EL101                              
      MA      Massachusetts            MA Form M-8453                              
      MI      Michigan            MI Form 8453 - Used if state-only submission         
      MS      Mississippi            MS Form 8453                              
      MO      Missouri            MO Form 8453 - Required only if PIN method is not used
      NJ      New Jersey            NJ Form 8879 - Not required, prints if requested
      NM      New Mexico            NM Form PIT 8453                              
      NY      New York            NY Form TR-579-IT (Return)
    NY Form TR-579.1 (Extension)
    NY Form TR-579-PT (204-LL)
      OK      Oklahoma            OK Form 511EF                              
      OR      Oregon            OR Form OR-EF - If not using PINs, State-Only   
      PA      Pennsylvania            PA Form 8453                              
    PA Form 8879                              
      SC      South Carolina            SC Form 8453                              
      VT      Vermont            VT Form 8879                              
      VA      Virginia            VA Form 8453 - If not using PINs  
    VA Form 8879 - If using PINs 
      WV      West Virginia            WV Form 8453 - If State-Only submission      
      WI      Wisconsin            No signature form, WI Form WRA for mail in attachments
      NYC         New York City UBT     NYC Form 579 (Return)    
    NYC Form 579 EXT (Extension) 


Which states/cities do not require their own signature form when efiling an Individual Tax Return?

The following states/cities have automatic acceptance into state program if accepted by the IRS and do not require a separate signature form:

   State Code      State
   CT      Connecticut   
   FL      Florida   
   KS      Kansas   
   ME      Maine   
   MN      Minnesota   
   MT      Montana   
   NH      New Hampshire   
   NC      North Carolina   
   OH      Ohio   
   TN      Tennessee   
   TX      Texas   
   KC      Kansas City   
   KYC      Kentucky Cities   
   MIC      Michigan Cities   
   MBT                     Michigan Business Tax                                              
   Mul/Trimet (OR)    Multnomah/Portland, Tri-County, Lane Transit District  
   OHC      Ohio Cities   
   PAC      Pennsylvania Cities   
   PHI      Philadelphia   
   PGH      Pittsburgh   
   STL (MO)      St. Louis    
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For LOUISIANA returns:


FROM THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION AT THE 2015 MEETING WITH IRS AND PRACTITIONERS  (This is how it has been for as long as I can remember  even though the E-Filing handbook only describes what to do when E-Filing a Louisiana return only.)



If using a PIN, retain the Federal E-file signature Authorization 
Document, IRS Form 8879.  (IRS 8879 serves as the LA signature document as well.)

The LA8453 will be used as an information document when IRS Form 8879 is used.



The LA8453 must be signed and retained when a state only return is transmitted.


Every once in a while, you discover that you did not make up things in your mind!  I have been worrying about jail time as I have always followed what LDR has told us in the yearly meetings and haven't had but 4 or 5 Louisiana 8453's signed.  I was elated to print out the power point presentation for my records as proof!! :)


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