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Hi, I am new to the forum.  I did a quick search and did not see this topic, if we missed this topic I'm pretty sure someone will point us to the right thread. 

We are researching purchasing a new server.  We wanted to find out what type of processor and memory we need to have at a minimum so we can run 4 years of ATX   We read the specs for each year, and wanted some guidance on how to figure what we would need server wise when several systems are access ATX for either one year or multiple years at the same time (5 computer connected to the server).  Microsoft,  Payroll software (peachtree/clientwriteup)

We are looking at the Dell T330  with 3.8GHZ  8M cache 4C/8T Turbo with a 16 GB DDR4 with 1 TB hard drive  

For one year this is fine we were unsure when adding multiple years operating at one time if the specs took this into consideration, or is there is some guidelines we need to look at.

Thanks for the direction.  


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I normally buy a server with 3 hot swappable hard drives and I create a hardware RAID. Just because Tax season is crazy, I would have an extra hot swappable hard drive on line so I would buy 4 drives. The server should have 32 Gigs of RAM and 3 or 5 years of onsite support. As mentioned above, you can have 10 years of taxes on the server but you will be opening only 1 year or 2.

If you work from NOVA (not the college), we can meet at Starbucks (make sure we buy a coffee because I am always sleepy) and we can share knowledge or lack of it.




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14 minutes ago, Pacun said:

Well, just in case you have forgotten... SSD is a hard drive or do you think it is a soft drive???

SSD = Solid State Drive.  In reality, it is not a drive, but a very large and powerful RAM chip with programming burned into it.  No moving parts.

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I have included Server 2016 OS, 4 hard drives, two power cords for redundancy, 32 Gigs of RAM. Just the hard drives cost more than the computer I am using. how about yours?


PowerEdge T330 Tower Server

tarting at Price $6,215.00

Total Savings $2,315.54

Standard Delivery Free
Dell Price $3,899.46
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