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What I have found out:

1.  My clients tax return has been held in"processing" status since April 11th.

2. My client received their state refund via direct deposit on April 17th.

2.  No help available over the phone, your only option is to use the "idverify" page at irs.gov.

Took an IRS Webinar today on third party authorizations, currently it's taking on average at least 15 business days in order to get a 2848 processed.

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I had a client get one of these just this week; his return was e-filed and accepted on May 2nd.  IRS wanted him to confirm his identity on the IRS web site.  Name, ssn, address, filing status, refund amount.  

He did have a new address, but everything else (including bank info) was the same.  I talked him through the IRS confirmation process, and we'll see what happens.  

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