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2026 I've read in multiple places.  However, they have done a security update recently for Win 7 which supposedly was out of maintenance some time ago.  My computer guy suggests to not worry.  I've read several articles including one that stated that a lot of 11 features are already in 10.  Also, I don't want to be the test user with multiple fixes and updates for the next year or so that seems to happen with every new OS.  I'm good with 10 Pro for a while yet.

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Windows 11 is an arbitrary version number; it's just a prettier version of Windows 10 with a few new features.  They have refreshed/refined the visual style but everything basically works the same.  For the most part, it's no bigger an update than any of the previous Windows 10 feature updates which most have installed without ever knowing.

Microsoft had previously said that there wouldn't ever be a Windows 11 because they have moved to a more iterative release style where they gradually add features over time.  They decided to change their mind and bump the version number because it's a nice marketing tool.

I wouldn't let it cause you any anxiety either way.  It's just another free update, and like the rest of the Windows 10 feature updates it's best not to be the first to install them on a computer used for work.

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Upgrading from 7 to windows 10 was so easy and the license from windows 7 was good for windows 10.  I updated my computer and everything works properly, but it is slow. At first I thought it was not going to take the upgrade but it did and I am happy with my old computer being able to be online and refer back when I need to print 2015 returns. If you can put your hands on a Windows 10 upgrade CD, put the CD on your Windows 7 machine and you will have 5 more years on your OS.

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