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amended return not on transcript

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My client received letter 4364C in Feb that the IRS had received their amended return for 2019. When I run transcripts I don't see that an amended return was filed. Shouldn't I? The client says she does not remember filing an amended return. I haven't figured out if I should ignore this or try to pursue it further. Any thoughts?

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Do they want money? Or you don't know yet, because while they received perhaps they have not processed? 

I think I'd try to pursue this as I've generally found that anything let slide ends up trying to bite me in the tail later.

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Hi Max, is your client filed 1040NR by paper?  I have one like that, prior a letter said X form was processed, they sent multiple said 2019 was not filed, or 2019 needs more time to be processed.  I did mail them duplicated copies because they threaten to collection.  I think they got confused about the duplicates I mailed as amended returns.  If you pull transcript, you may see the refund date is assigned, the refund amount on transcript matches with the original filed paper return.   What I think is as long as the refund and all information on transcript are correct, we don't do anything.  I told client to expect a refund check. 


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