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Don't watch this....It will make you want Goats!


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This is too cute!  I think people have Pygmy Goats as pets, they must be like dogs.

I once had a goat, sort of.  My friend George who owns a Greek restaurant in the Berkshires said to me, Bill I bought you a goat.  Yeah right, what am I going to do with a goat?  He takes me to a farm that sells goat cheese among other things and I meet my goat that he paid $40 for 2 goats.  He had beautiful  eyes and distinctive coloring, I felt a connection and named him Billy Goat.  George said the farmer would keep the goat for the season to mow the grass with the other goats and then we will have goat stew in the winter.  What?  So I went back to the farm and asked the farmer what it would cost to make the goat a permanent resident.  Farmer wasn’t really receptive because he had too many goats.  After I offered him $100 he agreed to keep the goat away from George.  I would visit him every time I bought goat cheese.  I finally found him another home with someone who had a horse.  George did make goat stew with his goat, tasted like lamb.  Maybe that’s the reason I became a vegetarian.

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