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Make an Offer on Taxslayer Pro


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For the First Time In the History of TaxSlayer Pro:

The "Whatever It Takes" Sale!

November 4th and 5th 2009

Call Today and Make Your Best Offer!

All Offers Will Be Considered.


*This sale applies to TaxSlayer Pro Classic Only*

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TaxSlayer has always been one of the more aggressive marketers. If you ever respond to a free demo offer or such, you're going to be on their mailing list big time. It's probably been at least four years since I tried a TaxSlayer demo - and I got the "make me an offer" e-mail too.

I think that many of the members of this forum have led a sheltered life, because they were ATX clients in the good old days. ATX, like TaxAct and Drake, had a simple marketing plan. They offered a good product at a known price and you were free to buy it or not. Their sales staff was concerned with order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

In contrast, many of the other software vendors didn't even seem to have a list price for their product. You negotiated the price with your salesman, who would offer various deals on packages of features, guaranteed renewal rates, etc. It was not unlike the process of buying a car (new or used). Now add to this the availability of the software through resellers and service bureaus and you arrive at today's market.

[My personal prediction - CCH will release a new tax program for the small business market that will replace both TaxWise and ATX. This will happen within the next three seasons.]

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I got the email as well. Like Don in Upstate NY, I last got a Taxslayer demo 4-5 years ago but get multiple calls/year and loads of emails from them still. The relentless marketing, if nothing else, turned me off their products permanently.

That is pretty much my situation. They wore out their welcome long ago as has TRX with their persistent "courting" even after several refusals from me. I no longer take these calls.

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