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  1. Don in Upstate NY

    Office 365

    Buy Office 2016 when it goes on sale. I got the full version a few weeks ago for $81.44 (including bit-coin exchange fee.) Today it's on sale for $50 from https://indigosoftwarecompany.com/products/microsoft-office-professional-plus-2016-1-pc-full-retail-version-download
  2. Don in Upstate NY

    having trouble with direct debit on efiled return. rejected

    I have a client that is owing money with his return and he's actually paying it on time. No he isn't. He may have an extension to file, but ain't no such thing as an extention to pay.
  3. Don in Upstate NY

    NT: Nerd Alert

    The book I recommend for people who think they know about things is Muller, Richard, NOW, The physics of time . It has a lot to say about Feynman, but doesn't explain why I remember Avogadro number, but have never used it on a tax return. Don in Upstate NY BSEE, MSEE, MBA, EA, NCI
  4. Don in Upstate NY

    They Are Free !

    Then how do you manage to pay your IRS taxes due with cash? As far as I know, 7-11 is the only agent.
  5. Don in Upstate NY


    1 mole = gram weight of substance equal to atomic weight of molecule, contains 6.023 x 10^23 molecules. For some reason, I remember Avogadro's Number, but I haven't memorized this year's standard deductions. Don in Upstate NY, EA, BSEE, MSEE, MBA, NCI.
  6. Don in Upstate NY

    Need Driver's License Info for Extension

    I don't knoe if it's software specific, but at least in TaxWise you need the Driver's License information to e-file an extension. You don't need a signature, or last year's AGI, or anything complicated like that, but without the driver's license info its a no go. You can file a NY extension for your registered client without any hassle on the NY website.
  7. AFAIK, taxpayer date of birth is ONLY required when using the SELF-SELECTED PIN method of e-filing. It is NOT required when using the Practitioner PIN method. It is one of the "shared secrets" that identifies the taxpayer. In the Practitioner PIN method, the ERO identifies the taxpayer. Turbo-Tax and other DIY programs use the SELF-SELECT PIN method by definition, since there is no practitioner involved. Part of the confusion is of course that the IRS does not use the same English language that the rest of us do. Just because the taxpayer selects his own PIN does not make the process a SELF-SELECT PIN method, any more than a Qualified Child must be your child, a Qualified Relative must be a relative, or a Green Card was always green. Also just because your tax software asks for some data does not mean that that data gets sent to the IRS. Not even all the numbers that you enter on a paper return make it into the IRS computers.
  8. Don in Upstate NY

    W-2 Verification Code

    >I understand the program's just beginning and the VC is omitted on some returns, but for those that do include a number doesn't it sort of...um...uh...nullify the program's whole purpose if incorrect numbers are disregarded? < Maybe the objective is to see if the number could be used to detect problems - if they don't get enough mismatches it probably isn't cost effective to deploy the checking on a production basis.
  9. Don in Upstate NY

    Why is TaxWise the Golden Son and ATX the Ugly Step Child of CCH?

    One of the reasons that TaxWise COULD have been favored by CCH is that the IRS had a contract with TaxWise for the software to be used in the IRS walk-in offices and the VITA/TCE sites. I said HAD A CONTRACT; Tax Slayer has it this year. I have found TaxWise to be fine for simple returns, but unresponsive to errors, at least to errors that wold effect their VITA/TCE clients. For example the AMT module deletes the Schedule A Miscellaneous Deductions (as it should) and then also adjusts any depreciation used in those deductions. Not a big deal if you remember year-to-year, but wrong in any case. Also at this point there does not seem to be a provision for the TWO driver's license numbers required by New York State.
  10. Don in Upstate NY

    Window 10 blocking ATX max install

    I use an ATX sister product (TaxWise from a third-party reseller) We were instructed NOT to download the software from the CCH site because the security signing was incorrect and installation would not go smoothly. Signing to be corrected in next revision. Sounds consistent and maybe even true. Don in Upstate NY
  11. Don in Upstate NY

    IRS Phone Scam

    Because our phone companies are in the business of providing communication services between 'vendors' and potential 'clients'. Much the same reason that the post office delivers mail addressed to 'resident'
  12. Don in Upstate NY

    Microsoft Edge and my Windows 10 O. S.

    I now have three computers on Win 10. One was originally on Win 7 pro, one on Win 7 home, and one from the Win 2000 days. I also have a "netbook" on Win XP home that I don't know what to do with. Cute little thing, nice keyboard, but it's gutless.
  13. Don in Upstate NY

    Windows 10 screwed up all of my ATX!

    I installed Win 10 when it first came out last summer. I don't use ATX, I use TaxWise. Win 10 did break TaxWise, but it was a known problem - as I recall the installation process didn't bring over the latest version of NetFramework. Running the setup program for any year of TaxWise fixed it for all years. All of my printers (two Brothers and an hp) worked as usual (except perhaps duplex printing on the hp inkjet, which I never use because it's too slow.) I miss the old version of FreeCell. Alpha 5 (my database), Reflect (my backup), Intellect (my mail, calendar and contact manager) and Adobe Acrobat X all worked without incident. Going from Win 7 to Win 10 was much less painful than going from Win XP to Win 7.
  14. Don in Upstate NY

    Pay friend to drive to doctor?

    I say it doesn't matter to you or your client if the driver reports it as income. If you KNOW that the driver hasn't reported it (if you prepared the driver's return) I don't think you could use that information even if it was relevant. I find nothing in Pub 502 that says your transportation must be furnished by a commercial service.
  15. Don in Upstate NY

    Late-season price shoppers

    The difference between CPAs and EAs is evident on some of the other forums. EAs cite publications and CPAs cite code and regulations. Could be because back in the old days the IRS sent out a box of publications as the EA "study kit". And they both ask Tax 101 questions. And of course, initials ARE important. Don, EA, MBA, NCI