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  1. WHAT!! I've always used box 1 wages. Oops! Do you have any authoritative citation for that?
  2. 'Bury 'em in paper' usually works for me!
  3. Just downloaded an optional windows update that fixed this printing problem. For 8.1 it was called Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup and it was KB4022720. It will be a different KB# for 7 & 10.
  4. If they had been filing joint returns in the past, it's best to use the same primary taxpayer as was used previously.
  5. Are you sure the letter isn't a scam?
  6. If a prior return was filed, the efile would have been rejected.
  7. A friend of mine keeps old calendars for prior years and when he was audited. He used a bunch of different pens to recreate his mileage log on a calendar. IRS accepted without question.
  8. They either have to wait two years to sell his, or pick the one with the bigger gain and exclude that. They might also be able to use the 'unforseen' circumstances to get a partial exclusion on the second home. Are the gains big enough to even be concerned?
  9. You report the Social Security in the year it was received but you can calculate the tax as if it had been reported in the earlier years. MAGI is calculated before the PTC.
  10. Not in the instructions yet.
  11. This is exactly why I'm always a bit apprehensive doing those Sch Cs where you just get a sheet of paper with sales and expense totals. And many times the taxpayer might be missing deductions.
  12. Called eServices and they know about the printing problem. A windows update caused it and we have to wait for microsoft to fix. The workaround is to select all, copy and paste into a text document. It now says that at the top of the login page.
  13. The enforcement period is 6 years but there are facts and circumstances exceptions. Also, until the taxpayer signs a return, whether actual return or SFR, the statute of limitations on assessments does not begin to run (scroll down to SFR). In other words, that year is still open. Substitute for Return (SFR) The Service has authority to prepare and process a tax return when a person fails to file a required return or files a false or fraudulent return under authority of IRC Section 6020(b). If the Service processes a tax return prepared under the authority of IRC Section 6020(b), the assessment date will start the period for the statute of limitations for collection per IRC Section 6502(a)(1), but does not start the period of limitations for assessment. If the taxpayer signs a SFR return prepared from income information received from the taxpayer, it becomes the taxpayer’s return per IRC Section 6020(a) and starts the assessment period of limitations.
  14. Canopy finally worked.
  15. Canopy failed to pull the transcripts too, which I'm assuming they do as a print to PDF function. Email eservices to complain. The IRS e-help Desk hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday Central Standard Time. Please call the e-help Desk's toll free number, (866) 255-0654.