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  1. More like a shortcut, like Ctrl+P to print.
  2. Now I just have to press the same few keys and my password is automatically entered. When ATX makes me change my password, I just edit my script.
  3. Scanners

    First we use Judy's Ten Key to create the tapes, then we use Typewriter tool in Foxit PDF reader. But Adobe has a similar tool under Fill & Sign, Add Text, but you can't right align the text unless you have the pro version of Acrobat, and a left aligned calculator tape is just offensive to my eyes. Foxit has full text properties in their reader so it's easy to right align.
  4. Scanners

    Yes, I even scan credit cards with my S1500. It sounds like it's destroying them but it doesn't.
  5. Scanners

    We scan when the documents are received. It's so much nicer than working with paper. We type notes, draw boxes, circles & arrows, and put calculator tapes right into the PDF, always in red so they stand out. We also switched to scanning in color because some documents were not readable in B/W.
  6. Bug Out

    I think my marriage marred me, too.
  7. 2018 PTIN

    They don't want everybody hitting the website at the same time.
  8. For those of you running your network over wifi...

    People can access the internet on their phone's data service. They don't need to use your wifi.
  9. it's not secure: https://www.krackattacks.com/
  10. Idle property (Expenses & Depre)

    Temporarily in this case is probably less than a year. If it was ready and available to be rented and was on the market to be rented in 16, take depreciation in 16.
  11. Section 121 & community property

    Sounds like a good subject for the tax court. Can a beneficial owner get a step up in basis?
  12. Please tell me this is fake news - you can't make this up

    Restaurants have been experimenting with eliminating tipping and just raising prices. I hope it works! I tip well but I see poor tippers all the time.
  13. ATX Update Released Today

    Latest update was 16.6 released back in May.
  14. invoicing software

    Not surprised at all. I told client Intuit is infamous for blackmailing customers and they should find a 3rd party solution.
  15. invoicing software

    Client of mine who's working from an RV for a year was using that and something went wrong with Sync or whatever. Intuit wanted $700 to fix it even though it sounded like the problem was on their end.