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  1. Except it sounds like he can't save any money.
  2. This is the wackiest thread I've ever seen on here!
  3. The runs?
  4. 8.3330 + 0.6666 + 8.9996 T Where did the .0004 go?
  5. I frequently have to remind my bookkeepers to think of each transaction separately and don't relate them to other transactions. Here we have a $100 theft. Any transactions that happen after than, other than simply returning the stolen $100, has no effect on the initial transaction.
  6. I did sound for a play called "Other People's Money" and this was one of the songs I used for pre-show music:
  7. The new automatic six-month extension affects taxpayers filing the following returns for tax years beginning after December 31, 2015. Form 990 Form 990-EZ Form 990-PF Form 990-T Form 990-BL Form 4720 Form 1041-A Form 5227 Form 6069 Form 8870
  8. Yes but we mostly use them to clip envelopes to payment vouchers. Gotta get those clients into using Direct Pay.
  9. I know. All accountant types are/were addicted to office supplies. Just think how excited you get with a free highlighter! You know it's true. But... I'd rather have that 3 grand at the end of the year. Oh, and I love you too! <mwah>
  10. It's not just paper and toner, it's also file folders, manila folders, sharpies, labels, sticky notes, etc. Our office supplies dropped about 75% or $3k per year by going paperless. Obviously, we're bigger than a 'mom and pop' organization.
  11. What if they steal your paper copies? What if you have a fire or flood that ruins your paper copies. What if you can't find your paper copy because it was lost, tossed or misfiled? Sorry but the new ways are better. Plus you save a ton on toner, paper and labor.
  12. The only way would be to uninstall the program, delete the data folders and do a fresh install.
  13. The real estate taxes paid by the estate by reimbursing the heir should be deducted on the final return.
  14. If you're running out of space, get a bigger drive or install a second drive. You really shouldn't delete your data files.
  15. Correct, Thunderbird's an independent product now, but I think that's a good thing because it's getting more attention now than before.