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  1. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    Same as Rich, took staff and family to dinner at this great little Italian place in town. One good thing about tax season ending on a Tuesday is we almost had the restaurant to ourselves. I'm sure the restaurant and wait staff appreciated our business too.
  2. If anyone on here is knowledgeable about them, I'd appreciate any and all pointers. Thanks in advance!
  3. Bulk Extensions

    This saves us a lot of time: In Customize Master forms: Open 1040, 1040 EF, Comparison & 4868 Enter an amount on Comparison line 63 Total tax Prior Year column Link line 63 prior year to 4868 tab 1 line 4. Enter 0 on 4868 line 7. Check box Lock amounts and carry Restore line 63 on Comparison Efile Info-Check Practitioner PIN Efile Info-Link taxpayer & spouse PIN to 1040 EF Efile Info-Check ERO entered checkbox for taxpayer Efile Info-Link ERO entered checkbox for spouse to 1040 EF checkbox Efile Info-link Date Signed to 1040 date Efile Info-Enter ERO PIN Payment-Check Paper check Do this before you add the 4868, and we it's better just to add the 4868 when you go in because it takes hours for ATX to add extensions in bulk. And we don't usually need the state extension forms added end end up having to discard them. Caveat: You have to have the prior year comparison form in every return, which we always do.
  4. IRS releases revised 1040 ES & Instructions

    It's been an interesting year calculating estimates for people who also have withholding.

    What color is this 'error'? Is it perhaps just a warning? ATX has a lot of these and they're quite useful.
  6. MA - a new state for me

    If it's all investment income, you can often ignore the state if the bene doesn't live there. But states are all different. My philosophy is, don't file the state, and if no one screams, it's all good!
  7. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    The check will be cashed because banks process those. That's why it's mailed to a PO box.
  8. Rant: Client's that don't set up their voicemail

    No Caller ID?! We can see the last 50 incoming calls and dial those numbers with the push of a button. What I HATE is when they call me on one number but want me to call back on a different number. I always call them back on the number the called me from first, for MY convenience.

    Copious notes in ATX is the only way I remember most of these things and also how I pass on what I've learned so my employees are better/faster next year. Always be learning, always be improving, always look for ways to save time and aggravation.
  10. VENT - The Geniuses

    Now you're the hero!

    Yes, I have a few of those. Eventually I found the FECWKST and could stop putting it on line 21. Mine aren't taxable in the other country, though. Or so I'm told.
  12. Just think of the toner I could have saved...

    We've asked for an option to choose the number of columns and have a difference column because 99.99% of the time, we're just projection next year. Would have been wonderful this year to just have 2 columns with a difference column and lots of white space to type notes. Oh, well. Getting rid of the zeros gave me space to type my notes.
  13. ...on the Planner form if I had the preference to print without zeros checked.
  14. Trust Distribution

    I'm going to shoot from the hip and say you're ok to do that because he had constructive receipt of the money and gave it to the other bene. I'd advise him to actually take the distribution next time and write a personal check for the gift. And I'd have him file a gift tax return this time if it's over the limit.
  15. NT - my eyes are falling out

    My eyes burn occasionally. I put an ice pack on them and/or put my face in front of the office vaporizer. We run the vaporizer most of the winter because it gets so dry and to avoid static electricity.