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having trouble with direct debit on efiled return. rejected

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I have a client that is owing money with his return and he's actually paying it on time.  Which is awesome.  And they gave me the bank details today and I input to take money tomorrow.  And I am getting rejected with a message that the pay date cannot be later than the tax return due date.  (yes - we filed ext)  Can I not pay with a return now?



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I think this page from the IRS site on the topic might have your answer. The third paragraph under the heading of "Electronic Funds Withdraw" says this:


Taxpayers can schedule a payment for withdrawal on a future date. Scheduled payments must be effective on or before the return due date. For example, the Provider may transmit an individual income tax return in March and the taxpayer can specify that the withdrawal be made on any day on or before the return due date. The taxpayer does not have to remember to do anything at a later date. For returns transmitted after the due date, the payment date must be the same as the date the Provider transmitted the return. The taxpayer must authorize EFW payments by completion of a payment record at the time the return or form is e-filed.

I'm interpreting "due date" in that portion in bold to mean "4/15" so that, unlike when filing before 4/15 where the debit payment can be scheduled for a future date, when filing after 4/15 the payment date must be the same as date that the ERO transmits. 

I'd try transmitting again tomorrow with that as the payment date too.  

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