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  1. Distinguished Colleagues, Wanted your opinions or your take on the newly introduced package add-on CCH IFirm application? Is it feasible for a sole owned tax practice? What are you all using, as in practice office management software. Your opinions and suggestions is highly appreciated, please advise.
  2. Folks, No issues here with my update installed as well as the installation process itself was a breeze.
  3. Just did and so far, no issues.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I appreciate your thoughts & wisdom.
  5. Folks, I am in need of guidance and the right direction to pursue and file Mexican tax returns for tax year 2012. My client, an LLC establishment in the US engaged in a business transactions in Mexico from May 16th through July 12th of 2012 where a 25% withholdings tax was withheld from his total revenue proceeds earned. I am looking for assistance and guidance to file a returns to report and disclose this income earned to both the Mexican taxing authorities as well as the IRS on this transactions. I am well versed on the US side of things how to handle and proceed with this but no
  6. So do I. sales@spiderwebtax.com. Thank you so much in advance.
  7. A word of caution, you need to revamp your computer memory by upgrading it to the max. ATX2012 is memory resource intensive in launching, rolling over and loading respective returns. This version is nothing compared to prior years's versions. It is on new technology which is a memory hog.
  8. I feel and share your pain but why don't you install the ATX2012 as a network install whereby you will have a central repository on the server to save to one location from all workstations. That is what will alleviate all the mentioned above issues you are having. Rather than exporting and then importing from various machines independent of each other...
  9. Folks, seriously, now that this injunction barring the IRS in proceeding any further in this light... What are we to make of this, considering an appeal likely to come from the IRS to stoke the flame burning even more on this issue...So what's your take on this...
  10. Taxxcpa - This link you provided is broken... Can you please resubmit.....This is an interesting development .....
  11. I am starting to question seriously if this year's ATX-2012 version was beta tested thoroughly before rolling it out for us to purchase it? If it was then, were we end users or a select few invited in some form or fashion to participate in it's testing by CCH? This product is meant for us to utilize after purchase and we know it much better than anyone in it's evolution till now. We live with it throughout the whole year and we are better at it. Because if this was thoroughly tested, then we should not be experiencing all these case scenarios with the application with all these unfores
  12. Here is the link to the taxbook forum = http://forum.thetaxbook.com/forumdisplay.php?2-Main-Forum-Tax-Discussion
  13. It is so far working properly. A couple of enhancements have been introduced to enhance on it's robustness to respond quickly.
  14. As indicated by KCJenkins, check your preferences settings and select the security tab on the left,once here uncheck the option, require sign in (Single user) and click on apply to save your settings. Once this is done, close the program and relaunch it again and you will not be prompted to sign in again.. Please let us know how this works out....
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