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  1. The general chat on here seems to align with what I was thinking. I'm not sure how you go to that credit. 3,727 in edu expenses... (2000*100%) + (1727*25%) = 2,432 Isn't it treated as earned income for purposes of determining the standard deduction but unearned income with respect to caluclating the tax. Do the trust tax rates come into play? https://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2018/may/counterintuitive-tax-planning-increasing-taxable-scholarship-income-reduce-taxes.html One problem is the article references §1.117-6(h) which I couldn’t find (it goes from 1.117-5 to 1.118-1). Another is it say the standard deduction (relief?) applies to 2018 and I’m doing 2019 I assume the PUB clears this part up though? Thanks Christian! If you can apply the scholarship to room and board as taxable income, couldn't you manage to find enough qualified expenses for the full $2,500? 400*12=4,800 6,400-4,800 = 1,600 1,600 /3 = 533 in books and supplies That leaves over $4,00 in tuition if the books cost that much
  2. I'm not I helped, (blind leading the blind scenario) but you are certainly welcome if that was at me
  3. I'm not sure if it's as complicated as I thought, or if I made it so complicated nobody's willing to touch the mess I made above Any thoughts are appreciated
  4. Another irony is that if you have a surprise meeting with a client and pull up the app on your taskbar to close out of the current TR to open theirs, ATX keeps showing all of your clients while you log in.
  5. Side note to the log-ins. ATX didn't have user input when they applied this requirement. When you are in a TR and need to log in due to inactivity, but have forgotten your password... do not lock yourself out. When the admin resets your account, you have to restart ATX, which requires closing without saving (from what I saw).
  6. This is a separate issue, but the health insurance can be paid of out pocket by the shareholder and reimbursed by the company. At least that how it was the last time I read up on it.
  7. If a 1099 is issued incorrectly isn't the responsibility on the recipient to reach out to the issuer to fix it?
  8. If cryptocurrency is sold, then there would be gains to be reported on 8949 to pass to Sch D as I remember it. In the last CPE I took discussing this they argued your kids would technically have this if they played world of warcraft. Oh the pits the IRS keeps digging. At some point we'll all just join the vanlife movement and turbotax will be the only option
  9. I would say employee is the safe route to go, but you might look at these avenues before defaulting to the easy route. Does the employer have control of when that day off is taken, or how many are taken? Is PTO offered? Is there a minimum hours worked expectation? How is the pay structured? Is it billed for hours worked as a service, or as fees earned for sales.... or is just for hours "on the clock"?
  10. We picked up some returns recently. As a result, I have a few 1040X's to do this year to carry back NOL's. In reading the 1040X and 1045 instructions, as well as Pub 536, I am interpreting that I file the 1040X for the carryback year since the 1045 was not timely submitted (or at all). With the 1040X I will also attach the 1045 Sch A and Sch B (though not the actual 1045 to avoid confusing the IRS agents and getting an automatic rejection). 2016 (w/NOL) was filed - no election made 2017 (w/NOL) was filed - no election made I am a bit confused on the reporting piece of this however. It appears that in the year of the NOL we prepare the 1045 Sch A and B. In the instructions they all seem to say to attach Sch A to the 1040X and Sch B too if the carryback is then carried forward. What is unclear is what year the Sch B is prepared in. Interpreting the instructions strictly I would say one for each year of NOL (year of NOL and years of carryback/carryforward). I haven't found anything online backing this up or refuting it. To complicate matters, there was an NOL in 2016 and 2017 (no forego election for either). The complicated way (Read as, no IRS agent will ever understand this) It appears I would do the following per instructions 2014 - Carryback 2016 NOL and use a portion. Attach 2016 Sch A/B showing use and carryforward 2015 - Carryforward 2016 NOL and carryback 2017 NOL. Use a portion of the 2016 NOL. Attach 2016 Sch A/B showing use and carryforward. Attach 2017 Sch A/B showing carryforward (No use). 2016 - It was already filed. I was assuming no changes to original, however the original did not include on line 21 the carryforward of 2017's NOL. I obviously wouldn't want to double count the 2016 NOL, but should it be amended to include the 2017 NOL carryforward from 2015? Also, if I need to amend for the 2017 NOL carryforward, would it stand to reason that I actually SHOULD cary the 2016 NOL to the 2016 1040X on line 21, and somehow now double count it? Am I including the 2017 1045 Sch A/B, or should two new Sch B's be prepared in 2016 for 2016 and 2017 carryforwards respectively (that would put me up to 3 total if counting the original Sch B for the initial carryback)? 2017 It was already filed. - It's getting fun now right!?! I was assuming no changes to original, however the original did not include on line 21 the carryforward oof 2016 and 2017. I obviously wouldn't want to double count the 2017 NOL, but should it be amended to include the 2016 NOL carryforward from 2014-2016 on Ln 21? Also, if the 2017 NOL carryforward SHOULD have been included, how would I keep from double counting this with the actual 2017 NOL? Am I including the 2017 1045 Sch A/B, or should two new Sch B's be prepared in 2017 for 2016 and 2017 carryforwards respectively (that would put me up to 4 total if counting the original Sch B for the initial 2016 and 2017 carryback, and then the two for the two carryforwards)? 2018 - File a standard return, and carry the unused 2017 NOL's forward to ln 21 Attach 2 1045 Sch B's for the original 16/17 NOL's and then 2 additional ones for the 2018 carryforwards of those remaining NOL's The less complicated way (Read as, It might give the IRS a reason to reject the returns) I would like to Amend 2014 and use a portion of the 2016 NOL. Report 2016 NOL on Ln 21. Attach the 2016 1045 Sch A/B. Carry forward through 2018. Amend 2015 and use a portion of the 2016 NOL. Report 2016 & 2017 NOL on Ln 21. Attach the 2016 (Same one used in 2014) & 2017 1045 Sch A/B. Carry forward through 2018. 2016/2017, just use the software to create the 1045 sch A/B. No additional filing required. 2018 File original return. Show 2016 remaining NOL and 2017 Unused NOL on Ln 21 as a total number only (They won't use it in 2018 due to income level). Keep an internal schedule showing remaining NOL available for carryforward. Side not, Pub 536 seems to say if you have a Sch F operator running at a loss, and with an overall NOL on 1040, you must allocate the Sch F loss as a carry back up to the lesser of the Sch F loss or NOL per 1040. This is the default treatment UNLESS you remember to make the election to forego the carryback. Does anyone see this differently? Sorry for the HUGE question. I spent a ton of time on this barely chargeable project already and am at the point I just have to close my eyes and pick the most logical option. I'm hoping one of you will have a better understanding of this ridiculously complex process.
  11. I was hoping to find a shortcut for the following actions but I didn't see an option in the ATX Shortcuts document. If anyone knows, I would sure appreciate it. Next form (to switch to the next form in the left hand display i.e., 1065 to Sch B to Sch K-1 Forward (there is a Control + B for back) Also, I saw that I could change my view preferences to zoom out to 80% on a 27" monitor to view most forms in full screen mode, but I was wondering if there was a full screen option. Thank you in advance!
  12. Just in case you ever run into this again....I just filed one of these for the first time because the client never received her refund check because she moved and apparently never reviewed her return prior to signing the 8879. The IRS agent I called said if the individual called the IRS herself with the amount of the refund, her SSN and something else (listed on the IRS website) then they could make the change on their end and resend a new check to the new address. I filled out the 8822 for the client anyway in case she was asked to fax one over.
  13. I highlight them from the previous acct's PDF schedule > right click export (and select excel) and then edit the sheet until it's in an exportable format. That worked great for importing into FA Manager and then immediately exporting to ATX. "Worked" being the past tense form. I thought about rolling multiple years but the last year we had to do this apparently was 2008.
  14. That said, it seems clear to me that ATX does not have CPA's/Accountant's advising them on our needs while developing this stuff. Who on earth wants to enter 100 assets during busy season.... much less 1,000+ Oye!!!
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