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Anyone else experiencing slow movement with ATX?

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It has been a complaint of mine since 2004. The program uses an Access 97 Database. Each time a return is opened, saved or closed, the program has to make a check of the entire database. The program is also Excel Spreadsheet based which requires a lot of information to be moved and sent to the monitors.

If you have over 100-125 clients, it gets extrememly slow and there is no way to speed it up.

We will have 2,900+ clients by the end of season, and are already over 300. We have 10 client computers on a server and on a busy day we will have 7-8 people using the program at the same time. Here are things that have helped:

  1. Updated the entire network to Gigabit standards. That means router, switch and all network cards in computers.
  2. Upgraded all computers to 2.0Ghz or faster processors and at least 500Mb video cards and as much RAM as each workstation will hold.
  3. Removed ALL non-business essential programs from client computers.
  4. Reduced Anti-Virus programs to only checking for virus and spyware. Turn all other functions off.

These things have helped, but the program is still fat and slow.

CCH has been promising for 2 years now, a new program with "no recycled code." If it is built using an SQL Database, it will be exponentialy faster. Still waiting.......

Hope this helps.

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Mine has been surprisingly fast this year considering that my computer is an 03 Model. I don't have the program set to update itself; do that myself two or three times a day. The only time I notice having to wait is the FIRST time that I open a rolled over return. Other than that, downloads, transmissions and getting acks is really fast.

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so nobody has figured out how to speed up network computers?

has anyone tried mapping a network drive or anything like that rather than using the "network install"?

Trust me! Been a user since 2003. Mapping drives is essential. There is no other way to nework than to use net setup. Many have tried, all have failed to make more than a small difference.

The problem is the program and the HUGE amounts of data that move everytime something is changed. Till they put a different engine in the computer, it will always be slow when the number of clients starts to grow.

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Networked computers is one story, but stand alone computers should NOT be slow. I used to have an XP computer and everything was slow. 3 years ago, I bought a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit and this baby flies. Everything is so fast and what slow downs my computer system is the user.

Elycole, if you computer is older than 4 years, it is time for you to upgrade. You will notice the difference and will be glad you upgraded. Of course if you pay less than $1200 for a desktop, chances are you are buying a home toy and NOT a production computer.

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The Next Generation program is slated to be released for next tax season. I have tested this program, and it is significantly faster. The new program engine is C+ based, and no longer uses the Access 97 database.

Not to seem skeptical, but I was told the same thing at the beginning of the 2009, 2010 and now the 2011 tax season.

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Have you adjusted the "save returns" in the preferences to save while working, this might speed saving the return when finished working on it. Mine is supposed to save the return every 3 minutes. The slow opening started for me last year, open program and wait for the program to allow access.

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I appreciate the news about next years ATX.... I just hope they don't change it for the worse....

I like the forms based input.... I've looked at others and they just don't compare.

ATX and I have an "understanding".... I can get around pretty fast. I know what it's going to do, and I know what I need to do.

I still have issues with some things that are time wasters.... I hope they will fix some of those issues.... I've posted them

on wanted improvements to the program each year.... We'll see if they improve it ..


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Once again, be careful what you ask for. I have used this software (or versions thereof) since 1996. I am comfortable, happy and supportive of it. If I need a newer and faster computer, that is my problem, not theirs. As in everything, there are kinks, but sometimes fixing the complaints of few makes it worse for the many.

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