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How do you restart the ATX server?

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Don't know about this year, since I haven't installed 2015 yet, probably won't until the end of the month.

Too busy working on payroll stuff. However last year the manual exe command to start the servers was located at

\ATX2014AdminConsole\Sfs.ServerHost.AdminConsole.exe .

If 2015 is similar, just find this command and click on it once and the servers should start.

The last two years I have pinned this command to my Start Menu.

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I found this for instruction on the 2013 program, checked it out on mine but everything on mine is showing as running.  Maybe it will give you a starting point.

To reconnect the server from inside ATX:

  1. From the Support menu in any main manager, select About ATX.
  2. When the About ATX dialog box appears, click the Admin Console link at the bottom of the box.
  3. On the Server Settings tab, under the Status column, right-click in the row for the server you want to start/stop.
  4. Click Start to restart the server.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Restart ATX.


Opening the Admin Console from outside the application

The Admin Console is actually a separate executable from the ATX product. Consequently, you can open it when ATX is closed.

Note: The Admin Console can be opened on all ATX configurations except for a workstation-only setup.

To open the Admin Console when ATX is closed, follow this path:

Start\All Programs\CCH Small Firm Services\ATX 2013\ ATX 2013 Admin Console

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Support took over an hour to figure out that the update 15.2 was for the network version and was installed on my stand alone.  They got it fixed, but it was not just a simple console restart.  It was the port number that was changed.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Newark, CA

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Loaded 15.2 day it was posted. Did an update directly from ATX (as I did with initial install) and no problems as yet.  No actual clients completed BUT all "tested" returns including my own working well.

Can not speak to state and locals tied into returns as most of mine are PA and the state has been lax in approving the main PA form.      Maybe because of no budget and our governor may be hoping to a retroactive increase of the state tax (NO NO NO).

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I just know what support said.  The software was looking for the network server and I am stand alone.  But what does support know anyway.  It could be anything and they were just blowing smoke at me to make me feel better.

I just opened the software and it did the automatic update and I had a issue that was not there before I updated to 15.2.  Support worked on it for an hour and finally fixed it after the first level tech support person called someone who knows something.  Typical of ATX support as well. 


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I think I have this same issue.  I'm a single user/single workstation.

Whenever I try to rollover last year's data, it seems to look for a server rather than my hard drive.

Just installed Update 15.5 and it didn't fix it.

About to endure the weedy mess of contacting support....

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If running 2014 Admin Console does not start the 2014 server service, press WinKey+R (for run) then type services.msc and press enter. Find ATX 2014 Service (or whatever year you're looking for) and if it's not running, right click it and chose Start.

I bring up Task Manager every morning to make sure all my ATX Servers are running.

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