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I think that you can only have one set of 1099 forms per 1096.  Since they now use different 1099s (MISC vs NEC) I believe you will have to do separate 1096s.  I believe if you are printing the forms and not e-filing, you can print the 1096 from within the 1099 print manager and get them each to print.  I don't know how you can e-file if you have both forms within the same file.  Maybe someone else can answer that one.

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Unless I missed something (always a possibility), the official IRS position is paper 1099 forms sent to the IRS have to be the red drop out ink (essentially pre printed), as they have no provision for blank and white copies.  On the other hand, I know many who send them in self printed (black and white), but have not heard of the IRS using their penalty process for non compliant forms.

On the other hand, SSA has been allowing approved software to self print W2/W3 forms since TY 2001...

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