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NONE appearing across 1040

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Go to return manager, highlight the return without opening, you should see when it was filed and the refund amount.  Is that correct?

Open the return from efile manager and see if you still get the same results. 

Check if you have a setting moving the completed returns away from your managers.

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1 hour ago, taxgirl26 said:



I'd check within your print settings to make sure the watermark wasn't inadvertantly chosen. 

As to the amounts on filed returns changing - were these returns filed before the mid-March update for the unemployment exclusion?

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Atx tax warehouse & efile show original amount. When return is opened, watermark NONE is across the return, refund amount has changed.  Just tried to print it & it says 1040 not approved yet & won't print. Looking like a call to ATX.

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Perhaps these returns or your program somehow reverted to an earlier version.

First check the version of your program to make sure it's the current version.

If it's not the current version, back up all of your clients before updating

if it is, then reload forms on one of these returns to see if that fixes the problem.

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Thanks. replacing the 1040 worked, however since it was fled before the unemployment correction it now has another refund amount 🤔. Thankfully I have a pdf of the original return. Thanks for all the help!

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