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how do you track tax returns thru the in and out cycle of the office

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While hand-written charts, spreadsheets, even software may work well, they all require extra steps.  You have to go to whatever system you've set up and mark off each step.  Ours is a more visual system:  incoming work goes in the inbox, then to the "needs info" box if necessary, then to the "awaiting sigs" box, then to the "ready to efile" box, then to the "accepted and ready to scan" box.  No extra steps.  I for one would forget to go to the master system to record each step, especially during the busy season.

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On 7/20/2022 at 8:31 PM, jasdlm said:


... A question I have is what is your turnaround time from drop off to pick up?  I try for 2 weeks, but toward the end of the season, it is getting closer to 3 weeks.  I feel really inadequate when people call 'just checking' on their return, but I logged my hours this past season, and I worked 110 hours/week for almost 10 weeks... I have trained most of my clients to drop off; I'll let them know if I have questions.


Turnaround time by end of February is two weeks.  Becomes three weeks from March 25 on.  I'm the entire staff.  I worked about 72 hours most weeks, about 84 hours the last two weeks before April 15.  I'm just not capable of crushing it like you did!  My one suggestion:  When I sat there in the carnage on April whatever it was, I told myself, "Next time, start the season with laser focus and efficiency so you're not sitting in the carnage at the end."

Ok, two suggestions.  I tried the drop off without looking at what they brought, and that turned out to be less efficient for me.  I am better off spending a few minutes looking thru the documents with the client there, seeing what's missing, telling them, "Your mortgage payoff is not their gain, your net check is not your gain, and here's what I need," right at drop off.  I do try to explain very thoroughly so something clicks, and they learn something.  I memorialize what I told them, place the note on top of their documents so I don't start on it before I have everything.

I thought it'd be great and efficient to scurry them outta here at drop off.  Not my clients.

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On 6/30/2022 at 1:57 PM, mcbreck said:

So when a client drops off their data, you individually go in and roll their data over from last year? I'd never considered doing that, I just do them all at once when I've installed the software.

I don't roll them over until they come in.  Chances are better of having updated forms.

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