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  2. There is usually an initial fee which will include X number of returns (for Drake, that number is 15 returns of any type). After that limit, you get charged an additional $Y per return filed. They do it that way because they still need to set up their servers to deal with your ERO submissions. But yeah, they all have the option. Lots of offices use lower-priced software for most of their returns, and then use PPR high-end products for the really complex returns that come in.
  3. You can reset the password with your customer id# and installation code. I believe all you have to do is click either forgot password or reset not sure the exact wording because I'm not in front of my computer. It happened to mine as well because you haven't logged in when the password change was required so it simply locked you out. Hope this helps!
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  5. Around the 1st of August I had a notification to change my password. I have 2 computers using ATX, which are not networked. For the first couple of times we have had to do the password thing, it was initiated on the second computer. However, this time I did it on mine. Now the second computer cannot log in. We did the typical re-boot, clear cookies, but still cannot log in. Any advise?
  6. Soooo.. funny Judy, I actually split a gut on this one....
  7. We have our glasses and the state is inundated with people. My son was lucky enough to get a jumpseat to get back here Thursday, because the flights were oversold. I just hope that a lot of the visitors aren't disappointed, because they are calling for cloudy weather. My husband wants to drive to Lincoln tomorrow, but I really have to work and they are saying that the roads will be a mess. If it's decent, we are supposed to be in 98% and that will have to be enough for my lifetime.
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  9. Reading the Fall 2017 edition of TaxPro Journal which reviews software: every one they reviewed has pay-per-return pricing, all 11 of them, including ATX.
  10. CCH has pay-per-return and pay-per-efile on most if not all of their software. I use ProSystem fx pay-per-return.
  11. Drake has a pay per return option. Not sure if ATX does.
  12. I am down to only a few returns now and I was wondering if there is any package out there that will do pay per return. I can do some of them through free file and then the state on their website. But I have a couple that would be multistate and it would be easier to do on a tax package as a paper return. Thank you very much for any advice. If anyone knows of any such package you can email me at
  13. I'm sorry you can't go, Jack, and I surely wish I could too! I am, however, ready for it to be over so that stupid people will stop asking questions about protecting their pets and livestock from looking at the sun. So, with that in mind, I'll share this picture here that someone posted in jest and that people actually took as serious.
  14. We are all "crazy Uncle Bobby" in our own right -- BUT -- all mesh nicely together - we could all break bread together and have a GREAT time! (I am the quiet one in the corner) Good folks, good times, GREAT information and willingness to help.
  15. Danger Will Robinson!
  16. Not so much rarer than the super-nerdy will have already made their reservations. Some of us (like me) who can't travel for whatever reason have their welding glasses, cardboard screen and cardboard pinhole cameras, and live-stream feeds bookmarked, all set and ready to go too.
  17. Vomit...At, Fun stuff Terry...I love humor.
  18. Without a doubt! If friends could be real family we would have something really special.....and I would look forward to Thanksgiving and no crazy Uncle Bobby.
  19. I just cancelled the reservation. I will make someone happy that calls them.... I have had zero responses. I guess nerdy people like me are rarer than I thought...
  20. Gosh Elrod, just wondering what you put in the search box to get that image, I can't watch too long as I become sympathetic.
  21. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed to determine the best tax strategy for your client. I am assuming he is currently taxed as a disregarded entity and pays self-employment tax on the income minus expenses from the partnership. AT 350K plus income, the 30K savings if it were SE tax may very well be a close figure. It would take some time, but you really need to do a complete comparison with both entities to see the possibilities.
  22. That's a great offer Jack, I only live about 4.5 hours from Knoxville but have to work at my day job tomorrow. I do hope someone takes advantage of this.
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  24. Amen. Best family ever.
  25. Me likem evybody on dis here board....
  26. I'm sorry you can't go Jack....I can't either, but thank you. Hope some body will use your offer....They leave the lights on for Ya, Everybody!
  27. Yes, the pain of stopping short is worse than the pain of falling short. - My Preacher Buddy
  28. I have a reservation at Motel 6 in Knoxville TN for Sunday night Aug 20, 2017. 1 room, two full size beds. Total cost to the Motel of $64. Knoxville is only 6 miles from the total eclipse path. Easy to find a place to see the total eclipse. I will not be able to go. For a small fee of $20, I will change the reservation to your name. You will be responsible for paying the Motel costs. I am seeing rooms go for $500 for Sunday night. My bad luck can be your good luck for only $20. PM me for more details. This is for real and not a scam. I am a total science nerd/geek and am devastated that I cannot go myself. If no one takes the offer by 4:00 PM on Sunday, I will simply cancel the reservation.
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