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  2. ATX Download issue

    Any more news on the download? Is it working like its supposed to?
  3. E & O Insurance - Western Surety

    Does anyone have any experience with Western Surety? They are offering E&O which would also cover prior year returns. My present one will not cover prior years unless you purchase the new year. Any comments appreciated.
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  5. Laugh of the Day

  6. Laugh of the Day

    But, but, but pull to the right or to the left? Facing forward or towards the wall? Needs more deliberation, I think.
  7. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    I've never signed up for them and still get my final copy every once in a while.
  8. Laugh of the Day

    Could not afford a "real present" for everyone, so decided to help end a world wide debate ---- MERRY CHRISTMAS and an even better HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! END of Over Under debate :
  9. How can I add Form 1116?

    Thank you Lion! In that case ATX is doing the right thing, but still Form 1116 page 1 looks strange. I don't see compensation amount under Japan, although the total amount is correct. Can anyone help me?
  10. How can I add Form 1116?

    HTKO is not a fake country name, no matter who tweets it. HTKO stands for High Tax Kick Out. I don't use ATX, so cannot help you with the flow.
  11. How can I add Form 1116?

    What's the normal procedure to add Form 1116 after I completed Form 2555? In my case, somehow fake country name "HTKO" automatically in "Detail" sheet of Form 1116, and it flows into Form 1116 Part I column A. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure it out. Can anyone help me?
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  13. IRS notices

    Sara, I missed a 1099 in my client's paperwork. Her penalty alone is over $650 (which is my responsibility, of course). My question is this; when she sends her response with the 843 I'm filling out for first time abatement, should she send the taxes owed WITH OR WITHOUT the penalty payment?
  14. Provider Flurry of E-mails

    It'll take years for those email addresses to get scrubbed from their databases but at least NEW companies won't get it? I haven't lived with my parents since 1993 and I still occasionally get solicitations sent to me at their address. The really interesting part is that my parents moved 12 years ago and the companies updated their address for me and it followed to the new house.
  15. Form 1116

    Anything I am desperate to find, cannot find, and cannot figure out. Software not so much; for that I call tech support (and I switched to Drake in the 2012 tax year debacle).
  16. Form 1116

    Do you mean query within ATX or a query on this forum? If ATX, where and how?
  17. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    Parker Tax sends two emails a month with their service. I also continue to subscribe to the old PPC Tax Action Bulletins which come twice a month.
  18. Healthcare Mandate

    Hopefully we'll know the final outcome in two weeks. Pro or con.
  19. Provider Flurry of E-mails

    Our IRS liaison advised us to set up a separate email account we only use for IRS stuff. Then all the junk from CE providers, scammers, "clients" we never heard of sending us links to their tax docs, etc. will go to that one place. Check it every so often for legit IRS email--usually nothing more than infrequent reminders to renew PTIN, etc. Sounds like a plan, except that our current email addresses are already out there and the marketers and thieves already have them. It is unlikely they will purge their lists, so starting an "IRS only" account will only keep new creeps away. Same with charities. A relative who died 10 years ago and who never lived at our address but did have some mail sent here still gets pleas from charities.
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  21. Healthcare Mandate

    One report I saw said the individual mandate would expire in 2019, if it remains in its present form. (But maybe that's old news). In any event, as Jack says, nothing is known until the final legislation is written and signed. That won't happen until all the the various bribes & trade-offs are in place. It's not for nothing that we have the best politicians money can buy.
  22. Healthcare Mandate

    Nothing is changed until the Presidential ink is dry on a bill. To talk about things before this happens, is to play into the hands of the media and troublemakers in Washington. The more political gossip they get people to participate in, the more distracted everyone will be about all the other changes that are sure to happen.
  23. Healthcare Mandate

    It's not a done deal yet. The repeal is in the Senate bill but not in the House bill.
  24. Healthcare Mandate

    From news accounts it now looks as if the Individual Mandate soon will be history. No more scratching about to come up with an exception that fits. What a relief !
  25. Provider Flurry of E-mails

    This doesn't surprise me, I remember when credit card companies would sell customers telephone numbers during the era of telemarketing. Now for your enjoyment, people taking revenge on telemarketers: Now
  26. Provider Flurry of E-mails

    I heard from the Liason Officer in Nashville yesterday. She said that the IRS has decided to stop furnishing e-mail addresses of PTIN registrants. You know, the CD they will sell to anyone for $25 showing all PTIN preparers, phone numbers and addresses. As of next year, e-mail addresses will not be furnished. She said since it was electronic-borne, it raised the possibility of identity theft and they decided to discontinue it. I've been getting at least a dozen every day from people wanting to host for CE credits, other tax-related commerce, etc. I'm sure some phony ones are included with the flurry.
  27. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    It's more than 20 years of free issues from Kiplinger for us.
  28. Tax Newsletters / Subscriptions

    I keep hoping that one of these days they will MEAN it!
  29. Form 1116

    I have often found that if I look ALL over for an answer, and simply can NOT find it, it helps to post a query. Because then, the answer I spent three hours looking for pops up from my OWN desk, RIGHT in front of me, where it was hiding all along, to say "Here I am; fooled you!" But it always makes me ask before it will come out of hiding.
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