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  2. added something to this: depends upon our clients' ability to receive ACCURATE 1095s on a timely basis. How many of us had to wait for clients to get these forms corrected? Some here, I am sure. Luckily I had only one, and the process of getting this corrected form caused a lengthy delay in filing an otherwise very basic return. I was bothered when I found out that the national marketplace sub'ed out that job of investigating and calculating corrected amounts or other reported data, and then that information was transferred back to the marketplace to issue the corrected form. Now with the Equifax debacle and hacking, it all bothers me a lot more.
  3. Part of our ability to comply with these bold directives depends upon our clients' ability to receive 1095s on a timely basis. Last year, after the big insurance companies had 4 years to comply with this by January 31, they whined to the IRS that they weren't ready. So the IRS announced their deadline had been extended to March 15th. This extended the coalition between powerful institutions to heap misery on the rest of us trying to comply. Ask ourselves how much time we have to spend cleaning up the mess behind brokerage houses, financial custodians, etc. when they issue errant 1099s, and we all know they have the resources to do their job right. Yet when it comes to compliance, these huge companies lead a charmed life, as I have not been aware of a single incident where these companies ever receive a penalty or have to be accountable for their train wrecks. If their position on ACA enforcement has indeed changed, it could very well be that the fate of the ACA has only become more permanent than was perceived a year ago.
  4. So that would be a password password?
  5. 2018 PTIN

    Catherine, I think some CPE providers stopped reporting to IRS once the courts ruled the agency couldn't require anything of PTIN holders. The professional tax associations still do, but I wonder about some courses run by CPA boards and CPE mills. I renewed my PTIN today without problems. However, when I tried to take our IRS liaison's advice and change my email address to something I will only use for IRS (to avoid every CPE provider sending me offers and crooks pretending to be clients sending me links to their documents to my work email), I discovered I could not change it. I could change everything else, including my name!, but not my email. I will contact the liaison on Monday. I usually renew the PTIN in late Dec. No point paying before I have to. Since there is no charge this year, there was no downside to renewing early. I am wondering, though, if EA renewals will go up in price. When IRS starting charging for PTINs, NAEA went to bat for us saying it was ridiculous for us to have to pay twice for background, CPE, and tax compliance checks. IRS responded by lowering EA renewal fees by A LOT. I just renewed this year so am good for three years. Anyone who has to renew soon please let us know if the fees go way up.
  6. Last week
  7. What you are saying makes perfect sense to me, Judy. I couldn't believe that IL sent a correction notice explicitly including the nonqualified annuity in the deduction and that the group of auditors from IL that I spoke with all ageed that it would be excluded. Proseries also has a checkbox which is automatically checked when code D is entered and must be manually overwritten in order to NOT exclude the income on the Illinois return. The right way to do things isn't always the way that Illinois does them. Thanks for the information about Drake and Lacerte from the other forums.
  8. Now I just have to press the same few keys and my password is automatically entered. When ATX makes me change my password, I just edit my script.
  9. Scanners

    If you have Tic, Tie, and Calculate (an Adobe plug-in from CPaperless) it has shortcuts to bookmark, annotate, repaginate, add a paper tape calculator, add internal hot-links, and rotate single pages. If you use Drake's Gruntworx (Gruntworx was separate, Drake bought it, it works for anyone) it comes with a TTC license. I use it *all* the time. TTC does not work with Nuance, though. I dunno about it working with any other pdf editing programs.
  10. 2018 PTIN

    I renewed my PTIN today but it seems that my CPE total doesn't match what they have on record. At some point (soon!) I'm going to need to take a closer look at that. Then make sure that what I have plus what is still scheduled hit the magic 30-hours-with-2-ethics.
  11. 2018 PTIN

  12. Scanners

    First we use Judy's Ten Key to create the tapes, then we use Typewriter tool in Foxit PDF reader. But Adobe has a similar tool under Fill & Sign, Add Text, but you can't right align the text unless you have the pro version of Acrobat, and a left aligned calculator tape is just offensive to my eyes. Foxit has full text properties in their reader so it's easy to right align.
  13. I agree, John. Much like many of us discussed here when this issue came up during the filing season, the law hadn't changed even though IRS said it wouldn't actively pursue. That was also compounded by the issue of whether the software would allow filing of "silent" returns without rejection, if I recall correctly. I think it's a good thing that IRS has come out with its position before the filing season starts.
  14. re: Drake - I don't have IL loaded to test, but it appears that Drake considers this taxable in Illinois and would not include this payout in the IL exclusions. Comments on Drake's forum said that in March of 2015 Drake made a change so that anything with Code D in box 7 is taxable in Illinois. Prior to that change, Drake included items with code D in the subtractions making it necessary to manually override the subtractions on IL. Another comment by an EA regarding that programming change said he'd confirmed directly with IL DOR and with Drake Support that this nonqualified annuity income has always been taxable to Illinois, and that prior to 2014 Drake's program contained an error that caused this income to show up as nontaxable. I've seen some comments out on the web where it was said that Illinois was going after taxpayers that try to exclude this. Other comments specifically said that Lacerte's default programming excludes payouts with code D and that there is a checkbox to indicate that the amount doesn't qualify for the exclusion. I don't have that program, just what I read.
  15. Can't help but wonder if IRS is throwing down the gauntlet with this announcement. They got caught in political crosshairs this year and they had to punt with an awkward policy that left everyone guessing what to do. With this announcement, they are clearly stating what they are planning to do next filing season. If the administration/Congress want IRS to do something differently, then clear direction will need to be provided. All in all, probably a smart move by IRS, and early enough for action to be taken before the filing season begins.
  16. 2018 PTIN

    Filed yesterday, confirmed today. No issues and no cost! Mike Dubin CPA
  17. My client purchased an annuity with after-tax dollars from Prudential and received a payment on form 1099-R coded "7D." My software (ProSeries) transferred the taxable amount of the payment to 1040 line 16. On the IL 1040, however, it did not deduct this amount as being from "retirement income" which IL allows as a deduction. The taxpayer later received a correction notice from Illinois stating that the amount of retirment income allowed as an Illinois deduction was understated by this amount. I talked to an IL auditor and, after he conferred with a few other people at the office, stated that anything on Federal lines 15, 16, and 20b will always be allowed as Illinois retirement income subtractions. This means that if you use after tax money to purchase an annuity, the interest received will be tax free in Illinois, while if you put the money into a CD, the interest would be fully taxable by Illinois. I asked the auditor if this made sense, and his response was "that is why our state is in such sorry financial shape." SMH In looking on the Web, I find that ProSeries does not allow such payments as IL subtractions, but its partner Lacerte does allow them as IL subtractions. I am just wondering how ATX and Drake would treat code 7D payments regarding states which allow retirement income to be exculded from taxation.
  18. 2018 PTIN

    I just renewed last night. Took all of 5 minutes.
  19. Scanners

    Speaking of paper. I get the BEST paper from Office Depot when they have a sale. Buy two get one, which qualifies for free shipping and it is in my office the following morning. I like the Boise 20#.
  20. 2018 PTIN

    I got mine from the website on Tuesday. There is no charge this year and the priority renewals are only for a short time. Get it over with.
  21. Scanners

    @SaraEA I believe what you say is correct about not being able to access your file cabinet if your firm did not renew the Creative Solutions products. Drake's document manager has all of that same functionality that you describe AND files are stored directly on the C:drive in a directory that is accessible outside of the program. I am 100% sure that I could retain access to those pdfs even if I left the company. @Abby Normal what pdf program do you use to insert the adding machine tapes into the pdfs? I have Acrobat and don't see that but have not explored the plug-ins.
  22. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    This has been known by the I.T. community for over 12 years. Old news.
  23. 2018 PTIN

    rec'd email today from IRS for my PTIN some items done this week finished my CPE renewed my CPA license through 12.31.2020 renewed PTIN for 2018 new website published
  24. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    Read a lengthy IT security article yesterday, which said that a security flaw has been found in one of the predominant chips used in many encryption devices. In conclusion, the article said, "There is no way to participate in and use modern technology without the risk of being hacked."
  25. Now that IRS came to its senses and hired Experian to do the identity protection questions (and issued a stop-work order to Equifax), the agency says it will take them a little while longer to get up and running. Hopefully we will have eservices access without jumping through hoops for some time.
  26. Scanners

    Abby, how do you make all those notations if the original document is printed in landscape? Crook your neck? I prefer to write on the paper copies as I work with them and scan when I'm done. Creative Solutions has a feature called "file cabinet." You can send completed returns, 8879s, 9325s, etc to the cabinet as well as docs from word, excel, faxes, emails, etc. There is even a place to put notes on the wall page. As we consider using ATX for more than payroll and 1099s, a fear we have is that if we do not renew Ultratax, will we still have access to our file cabinet? ALL our client data is in there! Letters we wrote for them, hand projections, client contacts, much more than their tax returns and raw data. A few years ago we did not renew CS Accounting. After the license ran out, we could view existing data but could not work with it. We had a few late 1099s to file and even though we had paid good money for the prior year program, we could not produce any tax forms or returns. I don't suppose asking them if we will have use of File Cabinet if we don't renew will yield a good answer. They'll probably say the whole thing will self-destruct if they sense an $18k account leaving.
  27. Win 10 Update on Tuesday

    I have only Windows 10 on all my laptops, all using Bit locker and have never had a problem with updates.
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