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  1. Bug Out

    My husband was a firefighter at one time also, and he gave me a good talking to shortly after we were marred about the importance of leaving at once when a fire alarm sounds. I used to work for a largish bank, and often when the fire alarm would go off in our builing people would continue to work right through until the fire department arrived. The only time I remained after he scolded me was when I was headed out the door and saw the fire in a trash can, so I stayed to put out the fire.
  2. Minimal Depreciation

    I did not know that growing grass was legal in Tennessee, lol.
  3. Multi entity confusion

    From a federal standpoint that seems correct - the AZ LLC is disregarded to the Delaware LLC which is disregarded to the Delaware Corp. which must file an 1120. I know Delaware is considered a tax haven for corporations, but I assume some kind of Delaware and Arizona return would need to be filed.
  4. invoicing software

    I think it is ridiculous that when you purchase software and it doesn't work you then have to pay someone to "fix" it. If I bought an appliance and it didn't work I would expect it to be fixed or replaced, but that isn't the way it works with software. I understand that sometimes the problem is with my setup and not their product, but I still find it incredibly frustrating.
  5. New eservices phishing scam

    The internet can be a dark and scary place....
  6. Marriage

    I don't know. I have had clients file as single for years, and then when they pass away I find out they have a spouse I never knew about. And at no time does the IRS catch this. I assume that unless the return is audited, and maybe not even then, the only way this is caught is if one of the taxpayers actually files MFS and puts the other taxpayer's social security number in the correct place.
  7. Marriage

    Edsel, if you look at page 15 of the New Jersey 1040 instructions, the third column, fourth paragraph, has the quote that I used in my answer to say that they could file separately on the New Jersey return even though they filed a joint federal return. This does assume that neither of them changes residence to the other's state within the year.
  8. Marriage

    Christian, since only one of them (your client) is a Virginia resident, the Virginia instructions state " If you and your spouse filed a joint federal return, but only one of you is a Virginia resident, the resident must use Filing Status 3." Filing status 3, is of course, married filing separate. The New Jersey instructions state "If during the entire tax year one spouse was a resident and the other a nonresident, the resident may file a separate New Jersey return." So they can file jointly on the federal and yet separately on the states. Calculations of income and deductions might become a bit hairy (think higher fees!) but should not be so very complicated.
  9. The Mess, some of us have to look forward to.......

    I don't have a birthday in Autumn, but I still love the cool nights, crisp breezes and beautiful colors of fall.
  10. Education Credit

    But the sock full of nickels can get them ready for the Rita hug, if used correctly!
  11. Our Florida colleagues

    and AMEN!
  12. Equifax Hack

    Smart hubby! I am sure that it will only be a matter of time (maybe minutes, but time) before scammers use this to their advantage. I did go to Equifax's site and check, and my information is among that which is compromised. Fun, fun.
  13. Caller ID helped for a long time, but apparently technology has advanced to the point that scammers can spoof actual numbers and use them to call me. I normally don't answer my home phone or cell phone unless I recognize the number, but I have had a couple of calls come through with the name of local businesses as the caller and when I answer it turns out to be someone trying to sell me something. Seems like they are always a step ahead.
  14. I am not from PA and don't know how the real estate laws work there, so take this with a grain (or a truckload) of salt. But I am wondering if this could be considered a life estate situation since Mom retained all of the incidences of ownership (paid the taxes, repairs, etc) and continued to live in the house. If it is considered a life estate situation, they may be eligible for the stepped up basis on mom's death.
  15. Payroll - direct deposit and checks issued

    In my area, several local banks will waive monthly service charges and account minimums on checking accounts provided you have at least one direct deposit. This might be why the employee wants direct deposit. Or maybe she finds it inconvenient to go to the bank. Who knows? I figure the employee is allowed to ask for anything, and the employer is allowed to say no, unless it is required by statute.