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  1. I had a taxpayer a couple of years ago that did some workshops/seminars in Canada. They used her social security number on her Canadian form that reported her miscellaneous income. The number was divided into three equal parts (XXX-XXX-XXX) instead of 3-2-4 (XXX-XX-XXXX) but it was the same digits. Canada deducted the taxes directly that they wanted, but I told the client that I did not do Canadian returns if one was required. I don't think that she was required to file anything since the taxes were deducted directly.
  2. One single six-month extension now.
  3. We are in the .92 magnitude for the eclipse this time. My mother and brother had already scheduled vacation for that week, and will be in the .99 band. If my niece goes back to college by then (and I think she plans to) she will be in the 100% range. We all have our glasses, and my husband is talking about dragging out his telescope to use the attachment on that. I really doubt any work gets done that afternoon here, but that is okay. The last solar eclipse I remember is from 1979 (I think).
  4. I don't think you can claim a dependent in a foreign country unless the country is Mexico or Canada. However, you can file jointly with a spouse provided you report world wide income for you and the spouse. But that is just what I remember, and sometimes I remember rules from 30 years ago better than the ones from last season.
  5. Actually, I took home economics in junior high school because I couldn't get into the class I wanted (Algebra) and the teacher taught us to measure liquids that way. And the cup must be sitting on a level surface not held in your hand at eye level. So if it is a new recipe and I am not sure how forgiving it is, I still measure that way.
  6. @Catherine, Nobody does it better! Except ME!
  7. I really don't have time for this Catherine, but after your post I just had to look up isomorphism, And you know where that leads....
  8. I love that analogy, Catherine! " A bit like knowing someone is OCD and making all your pictures crooked before they visit "
  9. The phone has been behaving like Monday today, so I really had not been paying attention to what was going on on-line. Nice to know you are all still here.
  10. If they file the federal return jointly, can they file the state returns separately? And can they do direct deposit to multiple accounts so that each gets the portion of the refund (if any) they are entitled to? If not, I am not sure how you will handle this.
  11. Hear, Hear! I have long maintained that ethics education is not the problem - 90% or more of the time, people KNOW the right thing to do they simply CHOSE not to do it for whatever reason!. If more fraudulent tax preparers were prosecuted, and the information made public as a deterrent, I think that would do much more good than additional regulation. And I am not talking about preparers who make an occasional error; that can happen to anyone. But I don't understand why electronic filers cannot be traced to weed out those who prepare returns and don't sign them or who routinely have changes made on audit for unsubstantiated information. Education and certification are great things, and I don't see how people can hold themselves out as professionals without getting continuing education in a field that is as complex and ever changing as tax preparation, but there is no substitute for integrity.
  12. Tone is a tricky thing on the internet - which is one reason it is difficult sometimes to discuss things people are passionate about. I did not notice a problem with your tone. You have been very patient with all of us! Thank you so much for everything that you do to keep this running smoothly and for giving us a virtual hang-out.
  13. I love discussing politics, but especially on the internet it seems to quickly degenerate into personal attacks and sometimes downright mean comments. When political discussions were allowed on this board (briefly!) it permanently colored my opinion of some of the long time posters. Not because of their views, but because of how they expressed them. I am glad that the policy was changed, and that the moderators are so diligent in monitoring these remarks and pulling them quickly. I would prefer they err on the side of caution - I really want to maintain my respect for the people on this board. If I want to get angry at people over politics, there are plenty of other sites for that.
  14. Even more important, Krispy Kreme will be "selling" a dozen doughnuts for $0.80 tomorrow, July 14, in honor of their 80th anniversary. Not all locations may participate according to the article that I read, so you might want to check before you go, but what a bargain! Two tons of fat and sugar for less than a dollar!
  15. The year end for a trust is usually established when the first return is filed. If this is the first year of the trust, you should be okay both on the filing of the return and the submission of the extension.