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  1. From ATX News Feed: It’s important to know when the ATX software will be updated based on IRS guidance due to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s changes to unemployment taxability. By March 29, 2021, we will have the software updated to ensure these calculations are based on IRS e-filing guidance and are auto-calculated. The majority of tax returns filed using ATX are e-filed rather than paper filings. We want you to be aware the recently released IRS guidance for handling unemployment compensations due to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 changes are for paper filings, n
  2. I was hoping that the "Other Income" column in tax warehouse would include unemployment, but it does not for some reason, even though that is how it is listed on the 1040.
  3. I just received accepted files from IRS. Went to file states and they all have to be redone because they are too old.
  4. Sadly till a red error, but this from the ATX message board: "Just spoke to a support rep, they are aware of this, IRS is updating their system She said , as per the IRS, the resolution is to put in all zeros into that number There will be an update shortly" per NYTaxLady
  5. Would be nice to include the charitable deduction on 1040 in the Form 1040 checks or as a reminder on the Check Return function.
  6. I am still getting the error on 1099-R line. I have multiple 1099-R. I am using all zeros
  7. Guess we need to send it back. IRS has updated Q and A on their website: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payment-information-center Questions #10 and 41 deal with this
  8. A Q&A on thecollegeinvestor.com states that a surviving spouse that was MFJ will have to payback any stimulus money received for the deceased husband. I could not find it in any of the resources. Anybody else see anything on this?
  9. Thank You All! Discussions like this are why I love this message board. Tim
  10. Finally have more info. Sale was totally in daughter's name. Medical Assistance allocated 30% to mother. This was a life estate in 1993, father died 2011. I am afraid that Lion is correct that mother would get step-up, but not daughter. I am inclined to use Medical Assistance 70/30 split.
  11. Daughter was gifted house with life estate by parents in 1993. (no gift return filed. ) One of the parents died in 2011. The other continued to live there until entering nursing home last year. They sold house just after. My question is: Is there a step up in basis for both mother (tenant) and daughter (remainderman), when spouse died? Mom will owe no tax as she meets Sec 121. I do need to figure daughter's gain.
  12. Client made an excess Roth IRA contribution in 2017 and 2018. He has withdrawn the 2018 contribution before due date, so no penalty for 2018. He still owes the 2017 penalty. He has already filed for 2017. Do I send in a paper Form 5329 for 2017 and payment with that? The instructions tell me that I need to file a 2018 Form 5329 if he had tax due for 2017. Couldn't I report it and pay on there? First time on the prior year penalty, a little confused.
  13. This is from Walters Kluwers facebook: "Since yesterday, May 6, we are experiencing network and service interruptions affecting certain Wolters Kluwer platforms and applications. Out of an abundance of caution, we proactively took offline a number of other applications and immediately began our investigation and remediation efforts. The secure use of our products and services is our top priority. We have been able to restore network and services for a number - but not all - of our systems. We are still investigating the root cause of the interruptions with assistance from third-party cons
  14. Same problem. ATX board indicates it is widespread, but no company comment.
  15. My client's 1041 k-1 shows these excess deductions. When I enter them in the k-1 input on line 11, they show as a schedule E loss in column (f). I had to override the k-1 continuation page. They also show up on Schedule A for the state.
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