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    Former NYS Sales & Use Tax Auditor


    Former Board Member of a local Credit Union, Former Treasurer of a Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners

    In addition to commercial business and tax clients, am familiar with exempt organization requirements.

    Past Board Member of Rockland Independent Living Center that advocates for people with disabilities.

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  1. Yes - years ago I advised a client to take a photo of what was donated. So the next year he came back and showed me the photos - photos of stuffed black garbage bags.
  2. The "noisemakers" were during the 1 day holiday of Purim that takes place between February or March. It never would be during the High Holidays from Rosh Hashonah to Simchas Torah.
  3. Has everyone forgotten that despite your wizardry in computer technology- there needs to be a Section 351 incorporation process with the IRS in order for it to be officially correct?
  4. Contact your software tech support - someone there would probably know.
  5. Since you seem to feel it's a joke - let me describe a real situation that I had about 3 years ago with a MFJ couple Husband was about ready to die from sickness. Knowing that, wife tells a prospective beneficiary of his assets to contact me regarding tax benefits/consequences of inheriting his assets upon death. That person called me on the spot - never knowing who she was, never heard her name before, only introduced herself as beneficiary of future deceased asking me to answer blanket questions, confusing income tax, estate tax, and gift tax all in one question. Of course I refused to provide any answers. I asked the wife about her afterwards and she said "I gave her your name because she'll be a future client". Well - that never came to be because within a month after the guy's death, wife took that beneficiary to court for embezzlement, since she was the ONLY other person to have access to the bank vault where his assets were stored. I lost the widow as a client as well.
  6. How can you answer any type of question for someone who is not already your client?
  7. What's the problem with using your software company's engagement letter and modifying it to suit your needs?
  8. Contact Drake support at 828-524-8020 and have your efin # ready to provide the support person.
  9. $ 1,470.89 divided by 0.0675 = $ 21,791 taxable sales Total Sales $ 35,039 - Taxable 21,791 Nontaxable sales $ 13,248
  10. Effective 2019. Alimony is no longer deductible by the payor spouse and includible in income by the recipient spouse. This rule only applies for divorce or separation instruments executed after December 31, 2018, and instruments executed on or before December 31, 2018, but modified after that date to include these new provisions.
  11. Thank you Judy for posting something that was necessary to be said. Some discipline from a few members would make this group more professional. Certain members who post here absolutely turn me off the to point where I don't even enjoy reading the posts because they have become more political and social rather than educational and professional. I came to this board because a member who occasionally posts here provided this site on a professional association chat board and was looking to find another group from which to learn from - even though I don't use the specific software that brought the group together.
  12. The number provided by the above poster is Walters Kleuwers, otherwise known as CCH, or Prosystemfx. I'm pretty sure that Drake, Ultra Tax, LaCerte and Proseries can provide you the same information. But who knows - technology has changed since then and might not accommodate your modern day hardware? Why not go to www.tax.ny.gov to get information right from the horse's mouth?
  13. I got a good laugh just reading Illmas's story. How's that?
  14. What were the addresses on driver licenses and voting records? Did the client ever provide IRS with Form 8822 - change of address?
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