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    Former NYS Sales & Use Tax Auditor


    Former Board Member of a local Credit Union, Former Treasurer of a Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners

    In addition to commercial business and tax clients, am familiar with exempt organization requirements.

    Past Board Member of Rockland Independent Living Center that advocates for people with disabilities.

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  1. Evan S. Golar

    help for California S-Corp return needed

    Contact Drake support at 828-524-8020 and have your efin # ready to provide the support person.
  2. Evan S. Golar

    Sales Tax Calculation

    $ 1,470.89 divided by 0.0675 = $ 21,791 taxable sales Total Sales $ 35,039 - Taxable 21,791 Nontaxable sales $ 13,248
  3. Evan S. Golar


    Effective 2019. Alimony is no longer deductible by the payor spouse and includible in income by the recipient spouse. This rule only applies for divorce or separation instruments executed after December 31, 2018, and instruments executed on or before December 31, 2018, but modified after that date to include these new provisions.
  4. Evan S. Golar

    State Tax Aggression

    Thank you Judy for posting something that was necessary to be said. Some discipline from a few members would make this group more professional. Certain members who post here absolutely turn me off the to point where I don't even enjoy reading the posts because they have become more political and social rather than educational and professional. I came to this board because a member who occasionally posts here provided this site on a professional association chat board and was looking to find another group from which to learn from - even though I don't use the specific software that brought the group together.
  5. Evan S. Golar

    1998 NY State Software

    The number provided by the above poster is Walters Kleuwers, otherwise known as CCH, or Prosystemfx. I'm pretty sure that Drake, Ultra Tax, LaCerte and Proseries can provide you the same information. But who knows - technology has changed since then and might not accommodate your modern day hardware? Why not go to www.tax.ny.gov to get information right from the horse's mouth?
  6. Evan S. Golar

    Conundrum (HOH/EIC)

    I got a good laugh just reading Illmas's story. How's that?
  7. Evan S. Golar

    Conundrum (HOH/EIC)

    What were the addresses on driver licenses and voting records? Did the client ever provide IRS with Form 8822 - change of address?
  8. Evan S. Golar

    Tips -> W-2 -> 1120

    The tip portion the waitresses received is not an employer expense. Only the employer's portion of the FICA/Medicare on the tips is an employer payroll tax.
  9. Evan S. Golar


    Interesting story - about 30 years ago I got a new family for a client - parents and 2 teen-age sons. One son also had same name as his father except for middle initial. When that son showed me his W-2 - it had the father's Social Security number on it. Since he didn't have his own Social Security number with him at the time he applied for the job - he knew his father's number and used that - figuring with the same name IRS wouldn't know the difference.
  10. The only other provision discussed in all my TCJA materials is the extension of Tuition and Fees deduction until 12/31/17 - so I guess that's out for 2018. Alimony is gone, as well as moving expenses except if in connection with a military move.
  11. I don't care about the knighthood - apparently you can't take it when the joke is on you. Apparently it's okay to tease others on this board - but when it's done to you you can't take it. As Judge Judy says, "that fits into the category of "too bad"
  12. Maybe they're part of the IRS's release of questions by 2025 The IRS has released questions which will appear on the 8867 by the year 2025. These are the people who insist that tax preparers are not auditors.
  13. Evan S. Golar

    CPE recommendation?

  14. Evan S. Golar

    CPE recommendation?

    Every practitioner has his/her preferences for how they obtain their CPE and what they look for in the way of results. I have long ago stopped at going to these for-profit factories of national programs, as they are primarily in business to use registration lists as feeders for other products and services they provide. My preferences at this point are either online webinars sponsored by or associated with professional societies that are geared towards issues effecting a great majority of its members, as well as self-study CPE purchased from certain specific publishers I have great satisfaction from because their references materials are excellent so long as the law remains unchanged. Yes - I do use cpaacademy.com because the courses are free.
  15. Evan S. Golar

    Past Tax Return

    Start with 2008 first, as there may be carryover issues that go forward. Realize that refunds owed for past 3 years are forfeited.