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    Former NYS Sales & Use Tax Auditor


    Former Board Member of a local Credit Union, Former Treasurer of a Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners

    In addition to commercial business and tax clients, am familiar with exempt organization requirements.

    Past Board Member of Rockland Independent Living Center that advocates for people with disabilities.

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  1. Evan S. Golar

    Draft W4 for 2019

    I see that the option for "Married, but with to withhold at single rate" was removed
  2. Evan S. Golar

    NT- 2017 Economic Census question

    I had my client sign in, then print out the entire package to use as a worksheet, but sending me copies only of the pages that involved tax return/payroll information. If you don't have a printer you're out of luck.
  3. Evan S. Golar

    It's Already Started

    New York State has been playing that "prove your SWT" before we issue you your refund - for a few years now.
  4. Evan S. Golar


    How well does the conversion do on carryover losses not just on capital loss carryovers but passive loss and investment tax credit carrryovers?
  5. Evan S. Golar


    Is Drake "tax return section based" like Ultra Tax where there is easy switching from input form to actual form view? Now that you mention it I believe Microvision was form based. Any suggestions, ideas, heads up info I greatly welcome. Thank you in advance to all. I do intend on viewing their tutorial webinar this week.
  6. Evan S. Golar


    Okay folks - I will soon be switching from Ultra Tax to Drake (within the month) - so I hope if I ask questions here once I get into using the program I can get some help. During the month I will be utilizing the webinars and other support to get familiar with it. I've been with Ultra Tax ever since they bought out Microvision - and have been extremely pleased with the program AND the tech support. All I've ever used was the tax program - no other program. However, this year they've outpriced themselves and I don't feel that the increase is worth it.
  7. Evan S. Golar

    Hobby Rules - Don't Even Ask

    With the total loss of 2% Miscellaneous itemized deductions, where are 1041 beneficiaries in final year going to deduct their respective carryover losses from the K-1, or people with 100% distributions of ROTH-IRA with losses going to deduct the losses? This doesn't effect only your hobby loss expenses..
  8. Evan S. Golar

    Finally switching to Drake

    I didn't use Ultra Tax for any other program than the tax program - not payroll, not accounting - nothing. I'm surprised though, that this forum doesn't have an Ultra Tax forum like this one for Drake.
  9. Evan S. Golar

    Finally switching to Drake

    Are there any users on this board who were previously with Ultra Tax who switched to Drake? I've been a (very satisfied) Ultra Tax user since the early 2000s when Microvision sold out to Ultra Tax. Ultra Tax is a fine product, their tech support is excellent which is why I stayed there so long, but this year I think their price is out of sight. Drake is my first consideration right now and I do like the idea of using the 2017 program now and getting experience using the program by entering my 2017 data for my clients' returns rather than depending on the conversion program to do it all. I do remember when switching from Microvision to Ultra Tax, I did have problems with carryover of depreciation amounts and carryover losses of passive activity losses.
  10. Evan S. Golar

    bank teller claims no more goodwill donations valid?

    Next time you go to the bank, have the person cash a $ 100 check into $ 1, $ 2 and $ 3 bills.
  11. Evan S. Golar

    This is a new one for me

    That can't be possible if a MFJ return was filed. Even if that did occur, the check should still be made payable to the taxpayers named on the return.
  12. Evan S. Golar

    This is a new one for me

    This scenario doesn't make sense. What names were used on the head of the tax return, and who signed the e-file authorization forms for the preparer to e-file, if the return was e-filed? So what I'm asking is HOW did the IRS know to issue a refund to a fake name?
  13. Evan S. Golar

    New Jersey & Maine

    I'm right on the NJ border and I've got a number of New Jersey resident as well as non-resident tax clients. I also presently have a tax client in Maine that I do every year.
  14. Evan S. Golar

    SEHI deduction?

    Your first paragraph discussed health insurance. Your second paragraph introduces Medicare. Which is it? To my knowledge - you can't take the Medicare premium as SEHI unless the person IS self-employed. Is it possible in your state that the wife can employ the husband and have the health insurance paid through the business?
  15. Evan S. Golar

    IRS Audit Letter

    Why not simply submit the 1098-T forms showing WHICH child the credit was taken for each year in addition to other proof of college expenses for each child? Once the IRS sees different children for different years, they'll back off.